Motivating Forces Make Sales

Motivating Forces Make Sales

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It takes more than a simple explanation to really sell a product. While advertising campaigns that are purely informational can show decent results, they generally will not produce record-breaking numbers. This is often due to the fact that campaigns of this nature fail to actually motivate people to take action.

Humans are motivated by a number of forces. Basic needs, of course, are huge motivators, but there are many others. It is the other motivators that can really drive people forward to make purchases, adopt particular products as their brands of choice or even make impulse buys they have no need of but cannot seem to walk away from regardless.

In the marketing world, highly successful professionals tap into a number of motivating forces to help them sell companies and their products. There are, in fact, 22 motivating forces that are continuously at work in people’s lives. These forces can drive people forward to look for solutions to meet their needs and motivate them to buy when they believe they have found the answer to those needs.

Truly successful marketing efforts tap into these motivating forces and use them to guide people to take action. The best of the best know how to manipulate the unseen to get people to move forward and fulfill their desires.

Motivating forces can be powerful marketing tools for a number of reasons. They include:

* Their ability to call people to action – When marketing taps into motivating forces, people will receive and respond to a call for action. Selling people on the idea that a product or service would make a good purchase is not enough. People have to be motivated to actually take action and make the purchase.

* Their ability to appeal to desires – People are highly motivated by fulfilling their own desires beyond rudimentary needs. When they are motivated to believe products or services will meet their desires, they will respond accordingly. Tapping into different desires with marketing campaigns takes understanding a few well-kept secrets, but once they are employed the sky can be the limit on sales.

* Their ability to touch people on an emotional level – Humans are nothing if not emotional. Some of the most successful marketing campaigns in history have tapped into the emotional side of human beings to get them to take a particular action or purchase a specific product.

* Their ability to influence – People have to be influenced to make the purchase of a particular product over another. When motivating forces are used in marketing, consumers will often feel compelled to give a particular purchase a try or they might be influenced to keep buying the “tried and tested” even if something else has appeared on the aisle that looks just as good, but does not cost as much.

When marketing efforts tap into motivating forces to drive people to action, sales tend to result. If these efforts are especially effective, the resulting sales can go well beyond expectations and the repeat business will not fail to please.

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