Marketing Techniques Are More Important Than You Think

Marketing Techniques Are More Important Than You Think

JohnDelaveraby John Delavera

On the surface, most marketing campaigns appear alike. They mainly rely on the same advertising vehicles, involve the same types of agencies and tend to cost a fair amount of money no matter what.

Why is it then that some campaigns turn companies into near overnight successes and others just fail to make the grade? How is it that some companies with fairly average products can become household names, but companies with better products and even pricing might not even register as a blip on consumers’ radars?

In most cases, it all comes down to the techniques that were employed in the campaign. Common techniques can and do make sales. This is why they have become common. They do not, however, break records or catapult products to the top of sales charts. These techniques are simply missing the edge that others can provide.

If you want to see your business grow, the techniques used in your marketing will matter. Go with standard, straightforward tactics and your business will likely see results. Think on a deeper, more creative level and the impact will likely blow away expectations.

Consider some of the world’s most successful companies and the products they have to offer. The biggest burger chains do not necessarily have the best burgers in the world. The greatest selling sneakers might not be the most comfortable. The hottest rock bands might hurt people’s ears. Despite these things, the products they offer sell and they sell well.

So, how do they do it? The companies that are found at the pinnacle of their own industries tend to use marketing techniques that are slightly different. While their advertisements might only seem slightly slicker than others, there is more to their strategy than that.

Companies that succeed in their marketing efforts tend to appeal to people through:

  • Symbols – Their logos and advertising designs might appeal to people through symbolism. Whether it is a blatant effort or simply by chance, the right logos can reach out to people on the subconscious level. When the right message is received, people will respond.
  • Inborn responses – People, just like all other animals, are born with certain things that they respond to. When marketing triggers innate programming, people take notice. They will sometimes do so whether they want to or not.
  • Emotions – Appeal to people on an emotional level and they will be sold. When natural emotions are triggered through marketing efforts, people will tend to gravitate toward a product. If marketing makes people believe a product will make their family happy, provide them personal satisfaction, deliver fun, smiles, sex appeal or what have you, sales will follow.

Tried and true marketing techniques can build up your company and its product sales in a modest way. If it is time to take efforts to the next level, appealing to customers in a different way is a must.

When campaigns reach out to people’s emotions, their inborn wiring or even their trust of certain symbols, the sky is often the limit.

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