Marketing Mastery: What Makes Your Video Stand Out From The Crowd?

Marketing Mastery: What Makes Your Video Stand Out From The Crowd?

Marketing Mastery: What Makes Your Video Stand Out From The Crowd?

Skilled video marketing pros have it. “It” meaning the certain energy which makes your videos irresistible.

Practice shooting videos and editing on a persistent basis and you too can reel in viewers.

You might even create a viral video, if you are serious about developing your video marketing skill set each day.

What comprises the “it” factor? What makes people go bananas over your videos?

Pushing Emotional Buttons

Visit your video sharing network of choice. Now scroll through some of the more popular videos. Have you noticed how these videos – even if they fall out of your range of interest – inspire you to click on the “Play” button and watch the entire video?

Social proof looms large as an influencial factor in the video creation game. If you can generate 50,000 or 100,000 views, or more, for a single video you too can rake in viewers and potential prospects with ease. To reach this point of garnering serious page views make this your goal; push as many emotional buttons as you can by charging up your videos with unbridled energy.

Many viral videos make you sit up and take notice and for good reason. The creators of viral videos know how to snag your attention and keep your focus for the entirety of the video. Practice observing how these video creation masters grab your attention and you too can boost your video views and stand out from the crowd.

Target Your Audience with SEO

Marketing Mastery: What Makes Your Video Stand Out From The Crowd?

Many talented video creators forget to target their audience with niche specific keywords. If a disinterested audience shows up and watches an awesome video a select few folks might vibe with the presentation but it will not go viral, because you need an army of stark raving fans to make your videos stand out from the crowd.

Take the time to research keywords which vibe with your niche in order to serve up targeted videos.

  • If you want to really target your viewers and stand out from the crowd include your keyword or key phrase in both your video title and description field. Doing this sends a strong message to search engines that your video covers a specific topic.
  • Also make sure to mention the keyword in the actual video a few times to drill home the point that your video covers a specific topic.

Using a little bit of SEO can make all the difference with your video marketing campaign.

Overcome Self Consciousness

Without question, self consciousness is the number one enemy of any video marketer. People who need to show up in front of the camera have a field day after viewing and hearing themselves for the first time.

If you have created even one video you know how silly you sound and how different you look through the eyes of the camera. To stand out from the crowd you simply need to get over yourself and embrace your individuality.

Smart online marketers know that simply creating videos on a daily basis helps you to embrace yourself and boosts your confidence quickly.

Use these tips to create eye catching videos and watch how quickly you can build your brand and expand your presence online through the creative medium.


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