Marketing Emails That Work, And Why Most Don’t!

Marketing Emails That Work

Marketing Emails That Work, And Why Most Don’t!

For a majority of us, the first thing we see when we open our mailboxes everyday are umpteen emails promising us the best offer in town.

There are some really cheap houses on sale, people offering to boost your Credit score in 24 hours and a 90% discount on designer wear!

To add more spice to the view, there are a few guys interested in sending you a million dollars you won in the recent Microsoft lottery.

Well, most of these emails get trashed, with you wincing about what a waste of time it was, except you hoping that there WAS a Lottery you’d won!

Therefore, if you need to get into email marketing, there a few action items that you must do and lot of pitfalls you must avoid.

Here’s an interesting presentation on Email Marketing Tips:

The article below is going to talk about the subject in more detail.

The Common Pitfalls

Avoid Pushy Subject Lines

Subject Lines need to be crisp and compelling, however they must not be preachy and sound too good to be true. Otherwise, people are just going to reject it as a Scam or a Spam and move on! For example, let’s analyze the two subject lines below:

“Free Credit Score Check – Click Now before it’s too late!!!” – Notice the extra exclamation marks, they tell the reader that the sender is trying too hard, and the reader will automatically think this is unbelievable. The title here looks more like a worm on a fish hook, and will make the reader think, “You got the wrong fish, buddy!”

“Credit Score – Know yours in 4 minutes” – Notice how the title is brief and promises a benefit that looks believable. Secondly, an abstract number in the subject stops wandering eyes and helps them to focus. You are more likely to click here.

The idea is that we show the reader something great yet believable in the title, and then deliver them more than what we promised in the body of the email. This customer delight technique will certainly work in your favor.

Marketing Emails That Work

Power of the First Impression

If you look back, any good book which caught your fancy and had you staying up all night reading it, had an impressive or intriguing opening. Marketing emails work in the same way, your email must have an opening which captures the reader’s attention and encourages him to read on.

You need to focus on writing short but impactful sentences. In the first few lines, sell the benefits but don’t try to push the product. Avoid flashy colors and text in multiple fonts and sizes which ticks people off. Use a balanced color scheme easy on the eyes.

One Size Fits All. Really?

In the land of Email Marketing, this is the most common and the gravest folly of all, where marketers obtain loads of email addresses, get a common template for all, and then use software which places the customer’s name multiple times in the email and send out email blasts to all in one go!

Sounds productive, but, far from it, this is the most disrespectful thing to do. People can read through and understand that your “robotic” email is a product of mass mailing. Secondly, without proper categorization of your prospects, it is hard to assume what they need and what they would find to be of value.

Keep it Short and Simple, Silly (KISSS)

Email marketing is not like a pie eating contest, where more is better. You are more likely to win more prospects if your content is brief, well structured, promotes the benefits and is succinctly put. Hence stay away from overtly lengthy paragraphs and stay true to the benefits of the product and the value it has for the reader.

Marketing Emails That Work

Some Essential Must Do’s

Find the right eye to buy

Email Marketing should be directed only to your target audience. A smart way of doing it is getting people to sign in to your news letter on your website.

Offer people a chance to view a sample news letter, so that they know what they are signing up for. Several medium to large scale organizations are using email campaign managers, such as Adobe Campaign, which works on targeted segmentation, improved delivery rates and enhanced reporting.

Learn more about it here:

Please refer to the below grid which talks about getting a permission based list for your campaigns.

The major three questions

Now that you have your targets ready, the next step is to put together a compelling copy. For that, you need to ask yourself three questions:

  1. What is the email about? – Is there clarity of thought in the email content, and is the email clearly outlining it’s purpose?
  2. What’s in it for the reader? – Does the email clearly show the benefits and value proposition?
  3. What do you want the reader to do? – Is there a link, where they can go to buy, or send an enquiry? Secondly, is the process easy to follow? (You don’t want your customer to be doing all the work!)

Give a clear deadline

Email Marketing mails that work often, offer a deadline to the prospect and stress upon what the reader might miss out on if the deadline is crossed. An example of a good line is below:

“We offer you the Upgraded Home Blender at 55% Off for $41.99 – Offer valid till 12/25 only, or till Santa takes our stock away!”

Be the resolver

Most people don’t like complications, challenges or bottlenecks in life. Talk about the problem areas your prospect might be facing, and then present the solution. People value someone who offers them a way out of their problems, be it their credit, long queues at the mall, or their belly fat!

Video in Email

Keeping up with the current trends, nothing works better than an attractive video in the email. This will urge people to visit your website and will lead to prospects and conversion. What has worked well are customer testimonials. Smiles work, in emails and in life!

A recent survey of top marketers revealed that over 65% observed that video emails could have a moderate to significant impact on conversion rates, and those are reassuring figures!

Here’s a video that can help you to learn how to embed video in an email.

Make sure your email gets through the spam filters

All that we’ve discussed so far is only good when you’ve made everything possible to make sure your email gets through the spam filters, which isn’t always the case. You can basically spend days and weeks devising a strategy that works, but if you don’t take care of the techinical issue that can result in your emails getting to the spam bin, you are well on the way to failure. In our article on email deiverability we covered techinical aspects of email marketing campaigns that you should take care of. These issues are better to be resolved together with the webmaster or admin of your website.

Hope the discussed points will make your email campaign more productive. Good Luck in your email marketing endeavors!

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