Make A Difference – By Donating Idle Computer Time

Make A Difference – By Donating Idle Computer Time

Make A Difference – By Donating Idle Computer Time

By Ralf Skirr.

How would you like being able to make a difference – with a one-time investment of 10 minutes?

No money asked, ever! Just 10 minutes of your time, once.

The next time you step away from your desk for a quick latte at your local coffee bar, your computer can get to work….

  • doing calculations for AIDS research,
  • or genome comparisons for drug development,
  • or sample analyses for better cancer treatments.
  • Or finding new materials for the next generation of solar cells.
  • Or developing low-cost water filters for 1.2 billion people lacking access to safe drinking water.

In fact, your computer can do the calculations while you’re actually using it for something else. Simple tasks like browsing the internet, or writing emails, leave 80% of your computer’s processing power unused. You can donate your unused computer power to speed up scientific research.

How does it work?

This is not some ”pie in the sky’ project. It’s called World Community Grid [WCG], and is sponsored by and runs on servers of IBM. WCG supports projects by reputable scientists in the area of health or environmental sustainability.

  1. You sign up to the World Community Grid (WCG). The WCG is the world’s largest computer network to tackle science projects that benefit humanity.
  2. After signing up you download secure, free software from their web site.
  3. You install it on your PC.
  4. You start the software and enter your login info from the World Community Grid.

From that moment on, your computer will use idle time to process scientific research. Without you having to do anything else.

The video shows how to sign up

Make a difference now, sign up here.

Make a difference now, sign up to World Community Grid.

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