Why Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Fail

Why Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Fail

Why Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Fail

By Ralf Skirr.

Hundreds of thousands of people buy products how to build their lifestyle business, how to work from home, or how to live the laptop lifestyle.

Yet, it’s common knowledge that most don’t even get started. Or, if they get started, never arrive at the finish line. They’re stuck in place like the petrified man in the image above.

If you’re in this trap, this post will help!

Looking at myself, I have more unfinished ideas and products on my hard disk than I like to admit. It’s a 3 digit number of unfinished projects!

What’s holding us back?

  • Some say “I don’t know how to do it.” Yet, there’s enough information available on how to build a business.
  • Some say “It’s information overload. I don’t know where to get started.” Yet, anyone truly committed would just get started somewhere.
  • Some say “It’s fear of failure.” An unproven cliché.

Questioning the cliché reasons and finding the real reason has been a huge DISCOVERY for myself.

Once you’ve looked through smoke and mirrors and find out what’s holding you back, you’re free to move towards the rich life you desire.

The reason WHY you want to be a Lifestyle Entrepreneur is also the reason that’s holding you back.

It’s a vicious act of self-sabotage.

It’s not fear of failure, that’s holding you back.

It’s fear of success.

Success is the worst thing that could happen to you.

Think about it.

What’s the number one VALUE we all have in common? The reason why we want to fire the boss and live life on our terms?

It’s our irrational craving for FREEDOM!

And what happens the moment you actually follow through building a business? What if you truly succeed? [God forbid!]

You’d lose the freedom you value so much!

  • You’d have to be available for customer support 24/7.
  • You’d have to create follow up products or deliver services.
  • You’d have set dates for webinars with JV partners.
  • You’d have to keep working on your marketing.
  • You’d have to file tax reports.

The only way to keep your freedom is to NOT succeed! Even if it means you’re stuck in your current life situation.

To build the lifestyle you desire you must conquer the freedom-commitment paradox!

These 2 steps will do it:

1. Understand that you’ll always be free to ditch the biz. If you have given yourself the freedom to not follow through until now, you can also give yourself the freedom later to stop the biz at any time you want.

It’s not enough to understand this on an intellectual level. Unless it’s in your feeling you won’t believe it.

  • Use your imagination for some made-up scenarios: Imagine future success and then your free choice to stop the biz and throw away everything. Stay relaxed and calm imagining this.
  • Think about previous jobs or hobbies that you’ve given up. Today they are most likely meaningless to you. That’s good. It means you’ll always be free to change course. To make new choices. You won’t be stuck in your commitments forever.

2. Embrace the freedom-commitment paradox. Commitment is hard for freedom-seekers. But sabotaging yourself is the opposite of freedom. Your irrational desire to be free is keeping you locked in where you are. It’s a straitjacket that we’ve put on ourselves.

Try the try the following brain twister.  Use it as a mantra for a few days, and see what it does:

“I’m free to commit myself to building this business.”

This article was first published at RalfSkirr.com.

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