Learn How To Succeed and Save a Life

Learn How To Succeed and Save a Life

By Ralf Skirr.

Learn and save a life, for the full story go to:


Words can bring joy, hope, and love to others. And in this case, words can bring you money too. Today I want to introduce to you… “THINK, WRITE & RETIRE : How To Turn Words Into Wealth – Easily!”, a marvelous book written by Dr. Mani, a heart surgeon and an infopreneur at the same time.

This book has all ready gathered support and stalwart testimonies from known businessmen like Chris Garett, Teri Dean, Carrie Wilkerson, Mark Joyner, Yaro Starak, and Joel Comn.

Even better, this book aims to give charity—definitely all of the sales generated from this book will serve as funds for a child’s heart operation!

Just think about what you’ll be getting and giving.

Purchase a copy of “THINK, WRITE & RETIRE : How To Turn Words Into Wealth – Easily!” on August 25, 2009 (launch date) and you will be given an ultimate guide to becoming an infopreneur… and save a child’s life!

Not only that! To make this offer a real catch not worth missing, Dr. Mani is giving away bonuses and free gifts amounting to $500 when you purchase the book on its launch date.

The main goal here is to propel the book to Amazon.com’s HOT 100 list—acquire more and better visibility and, in turn, produce more money for charity.

Don’t miss this opportunity! YOU can take part in this noble cause. Order your copy at Amazon.com and claim your gifts at http://EzineMarketingCenter.com/book/twr/launch.htm

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