IM Strategy (1) – What Is Internet Marketing?

IM Strategy (1) – What Is Internet Marketing?

By Ralf Skirr.

Internet Marketing Strategy, Part 1 of 7

Internet marketing may be the buzz word that is out there commonly heard by most Business owners. Yet, what does it mean?

As a Business owner, you do need to know what this type of marketing is as it will likely be one of the most important, profitable strategies you have in low cost marketing – and it is highly effective.

First, understand what it is and then learn how to implement an internet marketing strategy within your own business. Most business owners can find success using this method to help them to develop their internet business. It works in any sector, industry or niche.

It works whether you want to promote a brick and mortar business or whether you want to do internet business.

When applied effectively, it is a low cost, long term success strategy no marketer should go without.

What Is Internet Marketing?

The short definition of what internet marketing is may seem too simple. It is simply a term that means that the business owner uses the Internet to help attract people to the business they are in.

To take this to another level, internet marketing can be defined as bringing people to you rather than going after them. The best way to see this is to take a look at the opposite method, the way that most print or “non online” advertising is done.

In traditional advertising, countless dollars are spent to find the consumer most likely to invest in the product or service. Billboards are placed along freeways for radio stations, for example, since people listen to the radio most often in the car. Advertisements go to the most likely consumer rather than the consumer coming to the product directly for a need.

In internet marketing, ideally the consumer comes to you and your product or service because they have heard that it is something that can benefit them, in some way.

The Key To Internet Marketing Success

One of the keys to building a successful internet marketing strategy is not to be overly sales like. Everything and anything that you do should be done based on subtle sales information. You are providing information to the client. You are not hard selling what you have to offer to them. The consumer is attracted to you because you are giving them valuable information and tools to use.

Don’t fail on that point: informational is key, not sales ads.

Internet marketing is not often about catchy slogans and flashy ads. Rather, it is a method of bringing people in to information, products and services because they are already interested. Ultimately, this allows for the business to do well since the advertisements are being presented in a pleasant manner.

There’s a specific way to deliver that ‘sales producing’ information. That will be covered in the upcoming installments of this series.

Mastering this will help your business to grow quickly.

The ‘Internet Marketing Strategy Series ‘ offers a simple 3 step strategy to implement internet marketing for your own business.

In the next part of the series you’ll see a real life example. You’ll discover the most successful internet marketing strategy ever conducted.

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