Inside Google+: Bradley Horowitz talks with Tim O’Reilly

Inside Google+: Bradley Horowitz talks with Tim O’Reilly

By Ralf Skirr.

Here's a new interview with inside views on Google+. Tim O'Reilly is the founder and CEO of O'Reilly Media. Bradley Horowitz is Vice President of Product for Google's social products including Google+.

Mini Reveiw: Tim O'Reilly isa bit more on the technical, abstract side, while Bradley Horowitz is more on the practical side, so a few of the questions aren't really going anywhere. Also don't expect any breaking news about Google+. But overall it's an interesting watch.

It covers topics like:

  • How’s Google+ different from other social networks?
  • How to keep up with the increasing speed and volume of the stream?
  • Why is it called a field trial?
  • How circles eliminate the need for multiple accounts.
  • How Google works on keeping Google+ speedy.
  • Is there Spam in Google+?
  • How can users control their information across different social sites?
  • What about Facebook's announcement this morning? Looks familiar?
  • Creative ideas for video hangouts.
  • Is a pause button to stop the stream coming?
  • Are threaded comments coming?
  • Implicit circles – how commenting builds new relationships.

Tim O'Reilly had collected user questions on Twitter and Google+ in advance, these are some of the questions discussed:

  • What about the 'real name vs. pseudonyms' controversy?
  • What about Google+ for businesses and brands?
  • How to offer Google+ to children?

It also goes into more technical and abstract concepts behind Google+, like:

  • Web stacks.
  • Data liberation.
  • Is this a platform developers can rely on?
  • How Google+ wants to protect users from bad apps.
  • Is there a future for open social?

In the end Bradley announces 'new unexpected features, that will change how people think ofthe service entirely.' Ah, too bad he's still hush hush about the details.

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