Facebook App Center – What Does It Actually Do?

Anything you could possibly want to share on Facebook is now at your fingertips with Thursday night's launch of the Facebook App Center. Find out how it works in the article linked below. #facebook #socialmedia #ibmm

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How To Verify Social Media News

Thanks to social media and user generated content everyone and their dog are reporters now. But how can you find out whether the 'latest breaking news' is real or fiction? Interesting tips in the excellent article below… #socialmedia #ibmm #journalism  

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4 #Business ideas for Facebook

Read if one of those is you:#1: You have multiple employees?#2: You want to brand yourself?#3: You are you self-employed?#4: You manage groups of people? #socialmedia #facebook #ibmm  

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Using Facebook for business is easier said than done. These are some good practices. +Andrea Vahl 

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Read: 4 #Business ideas for Facebook

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