Close Encounter With Klout Experts

Have you heard about Klout Experts? It’s a new feature on the controversial influence scoring platform, Klout.

It’s the first Klout ‘useful-for-everybody’ feature providing an actual value to people (how cool is that!), and I believe it will be big.

I’m a sucker for everything new (technical term: early adopter), so I was eagerly waiting for […]


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Does +Klout matter?

Does +Klout matter?

Despite everybody agreeing that #influencemetrics are questionable, here's a hint whether this new industry will succeed big time, or not.

The image below shows increase in Klout's API calls from July 2010 to March 2012. The pic speaks for itself.

5 to 10 years from now, #influencemeasurement will be everywhere, online and […]

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How +Klout, Kred & Co

How +Klout, Kred & Co. deliver surprising insights for business

Despite the industry being in its infancy – and getting lots of criticism for that – I'm fascinated by the idea of social media influence measurement.

+markschaefer, as far as I know, wrote the very first book on the topic of social media influence, and […]

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Things to come – Social scoring will be everywhere. Online and offline

I've been researching #socialmediainfluence for several weeks now. That is: the scoring of your influence based on how connected you are on the web, and how people respond when you post something.

The most common reaction of people today is that social scoring is silly and not reflecting real influence.

But the site +Mari Smith […]

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