How To Get Work As Freelancer

Now then, it’s firstly important to understand that not all freelancers are wonderfully talented – just because they think they are good enough to go it alone.

Secondly, to become the best freelancer around there are certain things you must do – and do them well.

Freelancing is becoming the job that people do when […]

How To Become The Best Freelancer Around

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Pricing Yourself As A Freelance Writer

One of the most difficult aspects of being a freelance writer is setting your rates. On the one hand, you could miss out on higher paying rates if you set your rates low and publicise them on your website as such.

Alternatively, you could price yourself out of some great long-term gigs by not showing […]

Writer holding on to his type writer and manuscript.

Read: Pricing Yourself As A Freelance Writer

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