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We do accept guest posts.
Please read this page before applying to become an author at ibmm.

It's a long page, but if you're serious about (frequently?) writing for us, it should be worth the small effort of reading.

What's in it for you?

ibmm isn't another guest post graveyard. We're building something great here, and you can be part of it.

We'll add value to your article. Each article will be thoroughly edited. We'll improve formatting for readability and skimmability –  both important to please readers. We'll enhance paragraphs that don't flow well, for example adding transitions, or adding a few words for clarity.

Excellent authors, of course, won't need this. They deliver a well written article right away. But the average guest post definitely is improved after out edits.

We'll add custom graphics to your post, matching your topic precisely. Say 'NO' to crappy, generic creative commons images! We'll manually create custom, post specific images, based on paid-for stock photos. We might even go as far as creating an infographic or instructograhpic for your article. [Step by step articles are great for this.]

You'll get an extended (!) author resource box with a chance to display lots of information and to redirect our readers to your sites and profiles. You can add your own description, including links to your site and your social media profiles.

Your author box will look like this:

Ralf Skirr

Ralf Skirr

Owner and Managing Director at DigiStage GmbH
I'm Ralf Skirr, lifestyle entrepreneur, internet business coach, and blogger.Blogging at about business strategies, social media & influence, seo & content marketing trends, and how to be a successful entrepreneur.
Ralf Skirr
- 5 months ago
Ralf Skirr

You can use the bio section to actively market your business or services.

You'll get Google Plus Author Verification. We'll add the necessary code to your article, so that Google can recognize you as the author.

Your article page is almost ad-free. Many blogs are cluttered with ads. ibmm isn't. This will please your readers, and Google as well.

There's more… We have another cool feature for regular authors coming up. But that's top secret for now!

Who can apply as author?

We spend about $25 per article for editing and professional custom graphics. In turn we're looking to increase the quality of articles we get.

We accept only authors who maintain a Google Plus profile. For non-verified authors the only way to submit content to ibmm is via MyBlogGuest.

Your G+ profile should look like a real profile, ideally supported by profiles on other social networks. We'll try to get an idea if you're a real person.

Ideally you're an author or blogger who's in this game to build a professional reputation in your area of expertise. We're not encouraging SEO agencies to send us their numerous weak backlink articles for their clients.

How can you apply as author?

We'll create an author registration page soon. For now simply contact Ralf Skirr via contact form.

What topics can you write about for ibmm?

ibmm is short for Internet Business MasterMind.

Feel free to send any topic relevant for online businesses, or for offline businesses using the internet as marketing channel. We target small to medium size businesses rather than big biz.

Great topics:

  • Blogging, and other topics for writers (Kindle, e-books, copy writing, ghost writing)
  • Tips for Freelancers, Consultants, and Agencies (a major group of people running their business online)
  • Internet Business Ideas
  • Lead Generation Online
  • Social Media For Business
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Online Influence, Authority building

There are dozens of other topics you can also write about, as long as it's clearly business related.

Signs of article greatness

Actionable tips. Seriously, we'll put more work into it if it's actionable for the reader. A nice '7 Steps to do XYZ' article might even earn you a free custom Instructographic.

Real life marketing or business case studies (about clients or your own business). The easiest way for you to write something unique. And to position yourself as expert in your niche.

Based on your life experiences, business experiences and interests. No one else could have written it exactly the same way.

How to write reader friendly

  • Conversational style (me, you)
  • Short sentences. Really. Short.
  • Short paragraphs.
  • Use Sub Headlines
  • Use numbered or unnumbered lists.
  • Don't format with line breaks. Use paragraph breaks. Thank you. :-)

2 crucial points for your success with readers

An attention grabbing, enticing headline. Use proven headline templates. A lot of guest posts have overly lengthy, complicated headlines. Or they state their topic in a bland and boring way. (The headline of this very page is surely one of the worst headlines on the internet.)

1st paragraph strong and right on specific topic. No obvious generalities. (Horrible first sentences: "Social media is all the rage nowadays." OR "In this day and age every business needs a web site." Your readers know this already.)

Our link rules

It's easy: All links in the article must must be related either to the topic or the author.

Links to the author's clients are only allowed when the article is actually a case study about this client. By this, we're trying to get rid of made up bios like 'John Doe is a freelance writer. He's also written for SuperCockroachExterminator.'

If you want to place links to your client, write an article where it naturally makes sense.

  • Case studies about your work with the client are the easiest way to do this.
  • Niche specific marketing ideas and citing your client's web site in that niche as example also make sense. If your headline promises niche specific tips, make sure the article delivers.

Linking an UNRELATED business web site to a keyword term is not allowed. By unrelated business web site we mean businesses that the article is not talking about. For example, you can not link the keyword 'SEO' in your SEO article to a random commercial SEO agency when mentioning that specific business doesn't make any sense in the context of the article.

That's pretty much the same rule as one above.

Don't add Co-Citation links for the sake of Co-Citation. It's ridiculous to add a related Wikipedia article to each and every post, just to give Google an authority link. Use Co-Citation where it adds real value for the reader.

Add links, yes, add them, to all sites you talk about in your article. Why would someone write an article about 'The 5 best XYZ sites' and not actually give readers a link to those sites? It happens with guest posts all the time. Often we not only have to add the links manually, we also have to research the URL for sites where the article just mentions a name that is not identical to the URL.

Can you break the rules?

Yes, you can, by submitting through MyBlogGuest. We're allowing this exception because the way MBG is set up makes it easy for us to review the articles and the bylines.

In many cases, however, we will also reject MBG articles that don't match the above rules. For example we have just begun to make article offers primarily to Google Plus verified MBG authors, now ignoring most of the unverified authors.

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