Inborn Programming Is 1 Of The Secrets To Marketing Success

Inborn Programming Is 1 Of The Secrets To Marketing Success

JohnDelaveraby John Delavera

Gaining modest results from marketing by playing it safe and adhering to traditional techniques can work very well for some companies. They trudge along with a reasonable amount of success without ever looking beyond to see what else they might be able to achieve.

Why is it then that some companies succeed beyond the wildest dreams of most people, even if their products or services are average at best?

Quite often it all comes down to marketing. How it is approached and what techniques are used can make all the difference in the world. When more than modest results are desired, it is imperative to think outside the box and tap into the secrets that some of the most successful companies from Madison Avenue to Hollywood have long known about. There are methods that go beyond the tried and tested norms that can make campaign results soar.

One of the biggest secrets used by major companies in their marketing efforts involves appealing to the inborn programming people are simply wired with at birth.

Think this does not matter? Well, think again.

Just as certain animals migrate at set times during the year and most living creatures are born with an innate sense to protect their young, humans come preprogrammed with certain ingrained traits. When these traits are triggered through marketing, people respond without even knowing why in many cases. They will favor products marketed under programs that trigger their programming and they will make purchases even if another product is cheaper, prettier or even just plain better.

When marketing efforts use traditional techniques for promoting products and services, they can pay off, of course. This is why so many companies fail to take their efforts to the next level. They just don’t know a next level even exists. If they do, they are unaware of how to make the secrets work for them.

Companies that have made it to the upper levels in their industries, however, often rely on different techniques to get the word out about what they have to offer. They have learned to activate the inborn programming of people to drive their businesses forward. When this happens, consumers tend to beg for a product rather than have to be asked to purchase it.

Consider some of the most successful companies in the world. Their products speak for themselves. People inherently trust them and make purchases even if another option that is better is readily available.
The same understanding of inborn programming has long been evidenced in Hollywood where moviemakers appeal to the subconscious to get people to buy tickets to shows that might not even be all that good. Fast-paced trailers that flash gripping images in rapid succession can sell even the most mediocre of stories and turn them into real box office blockbusters.

One of the biggest secrets to corporate success is already found locked in the subconscious of consumers all over the world. Products and services do not have to be “the best” to sell that way. The marketing, however, has to be right. Appeal to consumers on the right level and success beyond the wildest dream is likely to follow. Stick with tried and tested techniques and modest gains are likely all a company will see.

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