IM Strategy (5) – Email Marketing

IM Strategy (5) – Email Marketing

By Ralf Skirr.

Internet Marketing Strategy, Part 5 of 7

Now that you have gone through all of this work in step 1 and 2, you still do not have a profit in hand.

Why not?

Because the step that will generate the actual sales and profit is the third and final step in your internet marketing plan.

You’ve arrived at the most important step in our strategy – you’re finally going to send out your email marketing message.

Here’s your internet marketing strategy in a nutshell:

  1. Potential customers find you, your products or services on the web.
  2. They allow you to contact them and send them emails.
  3. You provide them with information they can use and benefit from, through email, and keep your business in front of them all the time. (Today’s topic.)

Now, you will take the information and resources that you have worked so hard to develop and make them into something that’s going to turn a profit for you.

Keep in mind that while this process may seem like it is long and has a lot of work to it,

  • you are going to automate much of it,
  • and secondly, you are going to do all three things at one time.

This way, you are likely to start making money from internet marketing right from the beginning of starting the process.

Your Email Marketing Plan

As part of the process of using the permissions given to you by those who have visited your website, you will need an email marketing plan.

The plan is quite specific. You need to send emails to those who are on your list that allow them to gain something and learn something.

You’re plan should lay out a series of emails covering interesting topics for your readers. For example you could plan to send out 1 email per week and write down several topics to cover a few weeks in advance.

In this form of internet marketing, you are attracting people to your website by

  1. Telling them something important. They think, “Hey, this is great. This is just what I need.”
  2. They then head over to your website from the link posted in the email.
  3. They can then make a purchase from you or do what you wish for them to do.

To make sure this happens, you need to send emails are well received and that have the best information they can offer to the reader. This way, they are most likely to visit your website.

Still unsure of what you can do with your emails? Here are a few ideas to work with.

What To Send In Your Marketing Emails

  • Share information on the topic related to your website, your products and services.
  • Share a good book, informational product or other item that in some way relates to your business indirectly.
  • Share live event information. Perhaps you are doing an educational seminar or a web cast, and want to invite your readers to come to your website to attend.
  • Perhaps you are running a sale and you wish to provide your readers with information regarding it.
  • Perhaps you are providing some recorded trainings and want to share the details with your list.
  • Encourage them to send you feedback and questions.
  • Answer questions you receive in future emails to your list.

Internet marketing is only as successful as you make it.

Therefore, if you invest a little time in it, especially in writing these emails, chances are good you will get good profits from it. Take your time to produce a quality, highly effective email that is sent to your readers.

That’s it for today’s article. Tomorrow you’ll discover the 5 most critical guidelines for successful emails.

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