If Users Don’t Like Your Site, Your Google Ranking Goes South!

If Users Don’t Like Your Site, Your Google Ranking Goes South!

By Ralf Skirr.

Google announced that the algorithm changes from the so-called ‘Farmer Update’ are being rolled out internationally. But that’s not all.

They’ve added a new feature to their ranking algorithm, and it basically says:

If users let Google know they don’t like your site, your ranking will suffer.

Google’s Amit Singhal explained it this way:

“… we’ve also incorporated new user feedback signals to help people find better search results. In some high-confidence situations, we are beginning to incorporate data about the sites that users block into our algorithms.”

I don’t know what ‘some high-confidence situations’ are, but at this point it probably means it’s a minor change that will not have too much effect on the overall search results. But, I’m predicting that …

We are going to see a huge shift in how Google rankings are measured.

5 years from now we will have rankings that are LARGELY based on user votes.

A long time smart people have been claiming that it is vital to build high quality sites, because Google wants high quality. But actually that is NOT EXACTLY what Google wants.

It’s clearly Google’s goal to give users what they are looking for, what they like most. Pardon me, that’s not necessarily the same as high quality.

Anyway, Google will work hard to find ways to do this.

  • In the past Google counted webmaster votes, using backlinks as a measure for site ranking.
  • In the future Google will be counting user votes, be it blocking sites, or referencing them socially in Facebook, Twitter and the like.

=> In the long run the internet users will determine which sites are ranking high, and which sites go down.

It’s harder to figure out for Google, but it’s definitely coming at you!

SEOmoz has researched how URL mentions on Twitter and Facebook seem to influence a site’s ranking already:


What do you think? Tell me in your comments;

  1. Will my prediction come true?
  2. Will site owners who play the social game well (despite having crappy sites) win over those who build excellent sites?
  3. Or will great content finally be king?

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