How To Write A Guest Blog On A Topic As Boring As Damage Restoration

How To Write A Guest Blog On A Topic As Boring As Damage Restoration

How To Write A Guest Blog On A Topic As Boring As Damage Restoration

Guest blogs can often be pretty easy to write.

Unlike website copy and articles, as long as you tie in the subject loosely, you can normally expect to have plenty of artistic freedom to write whatever you like in a blog.

But what happens if the subject you need to tie in is incredibly boring and how on earth can you come up with an interesting angle to write about?

Think Outside the Box

The beauty of blog writing is that you don’t need to stick to the exact subject matter. For example, if you need to include a link to a damage restoration company in the blog, sticking to the topic would probably get a bit old after a while, especially if you have to write twenty different pieces. Your creativity would be stifled and by the end of the task, damage restoration would have become your worst nightmare.

To avoid this unhappy state of affairs, try and move away from the central topic and come up with another angle instead. It will be more interesting for the reader—and for you.

Seek Inspiration Online

If inspiration is sorely lacking, go and browse some online websites for inspiration. This is not to say that wasting time on Facebook or YouTube will help, but searching for related keywords may well throw up some interesting sub-topics.

These could be just the ticket to fire up your creativity and kick-start an interesting blog.

Inject Some Personality

Blogs need to be interesting and engaging, particularly if you are hoping to post them on someone else’s blog. Don’t be afraid to write about quirky subjects.

Sometimes the quirkier the subject matter, the better, particularly if you can make your writing humorous at the same time. The more personality you exhibit in your writing, the more readable and interesting the blog will be, so put your own stamp on the topic, even it is deathly boring.

Create Subheadings

If you are really struggling to write your blog, start off of by throwing a few sub-headings on to the page. You might not use them, but at least it will give you a starting point. And if you do decide to stick with the subject matter you have initially chosen, at least you have a frame to work with.


How To Write A Guest Blog On A Topic As Boring As Damage RestorationIf all else fails, try meditating. Put some relaxing music on to the sound system, lie down on the floor and free your mind for a while. Sometimes, disengaging your brain from the matter at hand is enough to clear the mental fugue and unblock the creative synapses.

After twenty minutes or so, have another go at writing your blog. Hopefully this time you can come up with something interesting to write about, but if all else fails, try sleeping on it and returning to the task another day.

When writing a blog, always remember to break the text up into bite-sized chunks. This makes it easier to read on screen. It is also a good idea to make good use of bullet points to create a bit of visual interest in the text.

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