How To Use Twitter To Market Your Business

How To Use Twitter To Market Your Business

How To Use Twitter To Market Your Business

Did you know that you can grow your business using Twitter? If not, well, now you know.

Twitter is a great social networking platform. The keyword in that last sentence is NETWORKING.

You want to use Twitter to network with others in the business and in this process you will grow your company.

Here are some things that you need to do in Twitter to make sure that the time and money you invest in Twitter will help your company grow.

Make Connections
Do not just create a profile and never visit the site again. No. What you need to do, actually a top priority, is you need to make connections with others in the community.

A good strategy for making connections is looking for the top influencers in your industry and then following them.

  • They might follow you back.
  • You will get all the latest info on them from their tweets.

Why is this important you ask?

Because when you are in the know it will help you learn the latest news in your industry.

Now that you are following the top influencers of your industry, it is time that you start networking with them.

Again, since you are getting the latest updates from their tweets, you can join in the conversation and provide your intelligent observations. This will help establish your presence and introduce to others. Again, participae in the conversation but provide your intelligent observations.

Learn from Top Influencers
See what your top influencers are doing and learn from it. Twitter will provide you a lot of information on how your industry works and you can learn from all the successful accomplishments of your top influencers in the network.

Don’t be proud. If whatever worked for them, it will work for you.

Create An Attractive Profile
How To Use Twitter To Market Your Business - Create An Attractive ProfileNot to be vain, in that way, but create an attractive profile for your Twitter account.

You want to have a good image of yourself. This helps to establish that you are a real person and not some spam account.

Also, when creating your profile, please include a link to your website so that if people want to learn more about your business they will have a place to go.

Engage with the Community
Twitter is not a place to be a wallflower, I guess, a “Twitterflower.” Do not be shy.

Engage with the community and even if you don’t know what you are doing, take the time to learn. Remember, your aim is to grow your business, always have this in mind and it will help you go through days that you might stumble. And if you do stubmle, it is part of the learning process, just continue Tweeting to your goal.

To engage within Twitter, always retweet good articles you see from others, point out valuable information that will help others grow, and participate in dialogues with top influencers.

Don't Spam!
This is a BIG ONE. Never, ever, ever, even think about spamming the community. This is just not a good look for you and your business. People will start to ignore you, block you, even report you to Twitter.

What is spamming? Constantly promoting your website, not providing helpful information, and doing anything that fills your Twitter followers timeline with junk.

Never Stop Tweeting
How To Use Twitter To Market Your Business - Never Stop TweetingLastly, never stop Tweeting. Some people will create a Twitter account and after a few days of being active they will not see the immediate results they were hoping for so they will just ignore the platform. Don’t do this.

Come up with a plan or schedule of how often you want to Tweet and also of what you are going to Tweet. This will help you stay active and participate within the community.

Twitter is a platform that you can use to grow your business so take full advantage of it. When it comes to online marketing or just growing your business in general, you want to use all strategies available to grow and make sure you take full advantage of what is available. So, take full advantage of Twitter and be on your way to growing your business.

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