How To Use The New Instagram Video Feature For Increased Visibility


How To Use The New Instagram Video Feature For Increased Visibility

Businesses have been using social media to connect with customers for a while now, but the convergence of Facebook and Instagram, and Instagram's new video feature in particular, opens up a whole new world of opportunity.

With video now in its arsenal, all signs are pointing to Instagram as the new hotspot for reaching and connecting with consumers.

But how can you use Instagram’s new video feature to increase your brand's visibility?

Let’s explore this question in further detail and unveil some tips and strategies that can be used to your business advantage.

Let Followers Do the Work for You

Instagram's video feature is very similar to Vine by Twitter, except the videos come with Instagram’s unique filters and last up to 15 seconds in length, rather than six seconds. Also, now that Instagram is owned by Facebook, integrating the two social media platforms will be easier than ever before.

  • A powerful integration strategy involves connecting your Facebook and Twitter account to your Instagram account and actively encouraging followers to use your business hashtag to Instagram relevant videos on your behalf.
  • When your followers begin Instagramming videos for your business and hashtagging them with your brand’s hashtags, your brand will automatically gain exposure amongst their followers as well.

This is an incredibly powerful way of combining the best that Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram has to offer. Due to the vast number of people that can be reached on Facebook, your business has the potential of reaching millions of people by uploading Instagram videos to Facebook accounts.

instagram video app screenshot

Four Instagram Screenshots:
1. Chose to make image or video
2. While recording video
3. Add Filters
4. Published

Add the Human Element

Going behind the scenes of your business by taking videos showcasing the employees and the work environment gives consumers an intimate look at your business and increases the connection that they feel to your business.

This provides a human element to your business, allowing consumers to put a face to the brand and making your business much more relatable. This is a proven marketing strategy that has been employed for years, but the unique filters and sharing ability of Instagram and Facebook brings the potential of this strategy to an entirely new level.

Capture Company Events

Before the implementation of video, most businesses took pictures of events and posted them to their Facebook wall or twitter account to give consumers a behind the scenes glimpse into the company culture. By creating and sharing videos of company events, consumers will feel more connected to your business and feel as if they are a part of the company culture themselves.

Nothing sells a business more than tons of smiling and happy faces having a good time at a company party or event. By doing this, consumers will obtain a positive opinion of your company and feel more compelled to purchase your products or become a brand ambassador.

Connecting with Locals

The geo-tagging feature offered by Instagram video provides you with the ability to tag videos based upon your business’s location. This allows your videos to appear in the search results whenever someone performs a search for your particular location. This SEO benefit is another powerful way that Instagram video can be used to increase your business's visibility.

Hold Contests for Increased Brand Awareness

Contests via social media can be used a number of ways to promote your business, but one popular method is to hold contests that encourage your business's current Twitter or Facebook followers to become Instagram followers as well.

  • Simply give away free products to those who follow your business on Instagram and create the most creative and relevant videos about your company.
  • This helps give a boost to your Instagram account and increase brand awareness.

There are a myriad of marketing possibilities with Instagram’s new video feature. As you can see, just utilizing these tips alone can significantly increase your brand awareness and create raving, loyal customers. By being creative with your videos and your marketing strategies, the visibility of your business can reach an all-time high.

About the author: Kyle Sanders is a co-founder of Complete Web Resources, a digital marketing and SEO services firm based out of Austin, TX. With over 15 years of collective web marketing experience, his agency helps droves of clients–large and small–improve their search placements across the web. 

Ralf Skirr Ralf Skirr's comment: Thank you for this great article, Kyle. I appreciate publishing an article from a 'real' author. I always find it silly when contributors make up author bios naming their authors Jack, and Jill and Jane – with no last name and no social media profile.

Here's the official introduction to Instagram Video:

Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram's co-founder Kevin Systrom Introduces Video on Instagram—June 20th, 2013.

I have long resisted Instagram, but now I'm finally creating my own account. Their video feature is easy to use, and the length of 15 seconds makes it more interesting for business than the short 6 seconds you can post on Twitter's video app Vine.

Are you using Instagram video for your marketing, or do you plan to?

Let us know in the comments.

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