How To Make The Most Of That Facebook Ad For Your Local Business

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How To Make The Most Of That Facebook Ad For Your Local Business

As a small business owner, you know that things are tight today and that you need to do whatever it takes to remain a top local business in your particular niche. A great way you can improve the overall performance of your business is by making use of Facebook ad space.

Here are a few ways your local business can benefit by running ads on the number one social networking site, Facebook.

You can Zero in on Your Target Audience

Without a doubt, one of the best things about Facebook advertising is the fact that it will make the process of geo-targeting easy.

That is, you can hone in on who you want to view your ad based on things like as age, sex, location and interests. For instance, if you run a local sports bar, you can target your ad to young men in your area who are passionate about sports.

You're Given the Best of Viral Marketing

Anytime someone 'likes' your Facebook ad or company page, it will show up on their wall and in the Facebook “Ticker” for all their friends and followers to see. This is viral marketing in its rawest form and it can take your local business to heights you've never imagined in no time flat.

You Don't Have to Bust your Budget Unless you Want to

As a local business owner, you probably don't have a huge advertising budget to work with. That's fine because a Facebook ad can cost as little as a few dollars a day and as much as you wish to spend. If you are new to the whole process of designing an ad on Facebook and are learning how to do geo-targeting for that ad, it's best to start out on the low end of the cost scale.

Consider running a few cheap ads in the beginning so you can see which is your best performer. Then fine-tune that particular ad for optimal results.

You're Able to Tell People Exactly What you Have for Them

One of the best aspects of a Facebook ad is that it allows you to clearly communicate with people exactly what you are offering. You're allowed to use just 25 characters for your ad's title and only 135 for the body of the ad. This means you really need to put your thinking cap on so that your ad very effectively lets people know what you have for them and why it's of value.

This is an integral part of geo-targeting so be sure your message is fine-tuned so it grabs attention and defines your message.

You're Able to Connect with People in their Comfort Zones

When a person who is logged into their Facebook account sees your Facebook ad, they are in their own little comfort zone. This means that when your ad is viewed, it emits a certain amount of trust that one doesn't get when seeing a random link on a Google search.

Think about the last time you clicked on a Facebook ad. You probably felt very comfortable and felt no pressure to click through to read more, right?

Your local business can truly benefit from running ads on Facebook as long as you take the time to fine-tune your message so that you can effectively spread the news about what makes your business unique.


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