How To Make Links That People Can’t Help But Click

How To Make Links That People Can’t Help But Click

How To Make Links That People Can’t Help But Click

Creating a successful website is largely about knowing how to make effective links.

  • It's effective links that will bring visitors to your website.
  • It's effective links that will ensure people buy your products and find the more important parts of your site.
  • It's effective links that will help people to find the things they're looking for and get real value from your online products.

Unfortunately though, most webmasters and bloggers have no idea how to create a link that begs to be clicked.

If most of the links on your site are simple text links with an anchor like 'click here' then you're really not helping yourself or your site.

This article will help change all that and show you the basics of creating links that almost click themselves…


Whether you're creating a text link or an image link, there are important visual cues that can help to make them more clickable.

For instance, did you know that simply changing your links to the colour red can greatly increase the likelihood of them getting clicked? That's because they suggest urgency, and actually looking at a red link is enough to even increase our heart rate until we click it.

This is the case most of the time at least.

Of course if your site is red or orange (urrr…) then a red link won't be as effective. That's because you need to make sure your links jump off the page by using contrasting colours.

Also important too is to ensure your links work within the colour scheme of your site. Red and green should never be seen… Though hopefully you already knew that.

Oh, and of course they should also be big.

Anchor Text

How To Make Links That People Can’t Help But Click - Ancor TextThe anchor text is the writing that your users will click in order to visit the link.

The most successful anchor text should perfectly describe the page that the link links too, but at the same time ensure that people feel compelled to go there.

One of the best tools for doing this is to keep an element of mystery surrounding your links – because human nature is highly curious.

If a link says 'This Picture of a Dog Made Me ROTFL' then people are going to be curious to see the picture, but at the same time will know roughly what to expect. It's the perfect example of mystery with description and as an added bonus it also looks natural which means Google will like it and so will your SEO company .

It's also good because it's short, which makes it look more clickable – people like to click on the centre of links don't you know?

How To Make Links That People Can’t Help But Click - PicThe same goes for using pictures.

Pictures will need to do the same job as anchor text for image links and that means showing people what the link is about while also involving an element of mystery.

Note as well that images can be powerful tools for attracting attention – the human brain is wired to notice certain things with human faces being one of the most important.

Ralf Skirr Ralf Skirr's comment: This article says it all, nothing to add … except, I like to use the occasion to point to our popular hyperlink creator; our online tool for creating hyperlink HTML code for single links or for turning a text URL list into clickable links. If you don't know how to create the anchor text mentioned above, this tool will do it for you.

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