How To Get Into A Career In Social Media

How To Get Into A Career In Social Media

What could be better than a job where you get to play around with Twitter and Facebook?

Starting and developing a career in social media requires more than hourly updates.

It demands a broader perspective and application of initiative and innovation.


Before building your career, you need to lay the foundations and this requires research.

  • How many social media platforms are there?
  • How many are being released in the next six months and how many are under development?
  • What types of platforms are there? What do they market?

Search the Internet for the top social media platforms. Keep a file on your computer or mobile device which outlines who they are and what they do. Be interactive and test the latest networks, and check out what old ones are doing as they're being taken over by the new and emerging generations.

It pays to do your reading, too. Subscribe to e-newsletters that deliver updates on the industry. Even better, invest your money and subscribe to a specialist journal. Industry specific materials will keep you informed and will also have listings for placements, internships, training and jobs.

The wider your scope, the more material you have to develop, work with and offer a prospective employer.


There could be a small business minutes from you right now, who doesn't have social media presence. They might not have any accounts or they may not know how best to use them, or have the time to invest in the marketing advantages.

Pay a visit to local companies in your area and find out what sort of exposure they're getting. Get to know the proprietors whilst you're at it and build your professional network.

If you find a grocer or an antiques shop that's sitting silent, offer to help them expand their horizons. Help set up Twitter accounts, build Facebook pages, or create LinkedIn profiles.

Volunteering is about more than doing something for free. It gives you responsibility, space for innovation and the opportunity to demonstrate your skills.

Social profile

social-media-career-1What face are you presenting over the Internet? Many employers will track you down to get to the person beyond the application and interview. Does your Facebook profile reflect a party animal or a serious candidate?

It's okay to have fun and share it but at the same time, you have to keep a professional edge.

  1. Start by adjusting the privacy settings on all of your public profiles so that the private things stay private.
  2. Then, start connecting with businesses, artists and people who reflect your core beliefs, and interact with them on a regular basis by sharing their ideas with the world.

By establishing an honest online profile, you're demonstrating that you're not only proficient in social media but also serious about working with it.


Don't neglect the big fish. Established companies can offer work experience and internships that can give you an extra star on your professional profile. By taking a placement, you'll get insight into how big business manages their social media and be given the chance to manage small projects in a team environment.

In-house opportunities like this are competitive so make sure to do your research on the company. Although they may be able to look at your work online, it still creates an impact on an interview panel if you come with a hardcopy of a carefully constructed portfolio.

Be prepared to go the extra mile for your career.

These are the first steps to gaining work in areas such as sales internships, marketing placements, management positions and team leaders. In developing them, you’re putting yourself in the spotlight of the social media career you want.

Now that you’ve established the foundations, what will be your next set of moves?

About the author: Sam is a sharp-eyed Tweep who understands the importance of starting from scratch. 

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