How to Create Your Own Quality Backlinks to Your Site

How to Create Your Own Quality Backlinks to Your Site

How to Create Your Own Quality Backlinks to Your Site

If you are in the SEO game then you have probably heard this many times – get quality links to your site.

This is important.

Having quality backlinks will help your site become more trustful and increase your page rank.

Even having just some quality links on your site can positively change your ranking.

Unfortunately getting high quality links is not always an easy thing to do. And for people who don’t know how to do this, it can seem almost impossible.

In this article I will be covering is how to create your own backlinks that will create good rankings on Google. Creating your own link structure is time consuming, but it is probably the only way to be guaranteed of having authority over your backlinks. This is because you will be the actual owner of your links and have full control over their use.

Here is an overview of the whole process.

  1. Go to an authority sites such as free blogs, article directories and other sites that allow you to offer content, write articles and submit them with links that go to your site.
  2. Then start creating links that go to your new articles.

Having a site that has many quality backlinks is better than having one with less. You will create a powerful link structure that will connect all your articles.

You’ve probably heard that articles are not as effective these days. Some people may tell you that your site can be penalized if you use them.

This is not necessarily true. There are sites with links from articles that have been penalized, but there are many that have links and are still ranked high on Google.

Why is this?

Well it is because some people don’t use these tactics the right way. Articles are still a great way to get authority links from high ranked pages and are 100% white hat.

To understand how the whole process works, let’s first get started with your main links, the ones that are from your article directories.

One common mistake people make is that they will copy whole articles and post them in different directories, hoping that they will easily increase their page rank. This won’t work. Links from duplicated articles, posted in different directories are considered spam. There’s a high chance that you’ll be penalized for doing this.

So, all of your articles must be unique!

As I’ve mentioned, this will require a lot of time, because you have to write many articles. This powerful technique will take some time before you have your desired results.

Another big mistake people make is spinning articles. Article spinning was a good and popular way to create new articles, but these days it is less effective. After the Google Penguin Update, Google has implemented more advanced algorithms to check for spun content. Therefore submitting spun articles will penalize your site.

You have to make sure your articles are not too similar with each other. I write article about paid surveys. One of my articles can be on “how to make money with paid surveys”, the next one on “how to find legitimate surveys that pay”, and so on.

Do you see the difference? All articles should be related but have different main purposes. That way you will avoid being penalized. Also, all articles should to be at least 400 words.

How to Create Your Own Quality Backlinks to Your Site

Write only quality articles. If you are not good at writing, you can hire a writer to help you create great content.

People who read and like your articles will start creating backlinks to them. Keep in mind that good article directories usually have a lot of traffic and by writing interesting things for them you will easily begin to make money through their direct traffic. While I was building my links, I was able to make about $300 in survey leads in the first month, even though my blog wasn’t ranked on Google!

Another tip I can give you is to write article with more words. The number of words have started to paly more important role in your SEO. For more information check this article

Now let’s talk about the hardest part – getting backlink your articles. If you are in a less competitive niche, this is less important for you, but if your niche is competitive, you need to get more links in order to rank in the top ten on Google. There are many ways to do this.

One of the easiest and fastest ways is to start with social bookmarking sites. Don’t add your main site to these. Instead bookmark your articles. Get as many backlinks to all of your articles as possible.

Another powerful way is to add your articles to rss. This is still an effective way to increase page rank. Some people will say that it is not Penguin safe to do so. Actually it is true that rss links can sandbox your site only if you add too many links from rss in a short period of time, but that won’t happen if you link your articles.

Here are some other suggestions to start building your links – you can do blog commenting, forum posting, and writing new articles and linking them.

You might ask, “what is the best link structure?” Believe me, there is no best link structure. If someone finds the best link structure it will be shared online and it will be banned soon from Google.

So an important tip is to randomize all of your work as much as you can. Think of all the factors and randomize them. For example think about the anchor text. Change your anchor every time. For my site, I’ll use one with “surveys,” next with “paid online surveys,” next with “make money online”, and then with “click here”. That way everything will appear more natural.

Think of what kind of links you will get and try to randomize it.

What do I mean by this? Let’s say for example you get ten links from social bookmarking sites to one of your articles. It won’t look natural to use the same links for all of your articles. Instead get different links. For example you may get 10 social bookmarking, 30 blog comments, and 20 forum posts for one article. In the next one you may get 30 social bookmarking, and 10 blog comments. Just randomize it as much as possible.

How to Create Your Own Quality Backlinks to Your Site

If you want to create even more powerful backlinks build your own blog network. You can get good results with just writing articles, but if you start linking your site with blogs you will get better results.

This is more time consuming of course, but works perfectly for increasing page rankings. It basically uses the same strategies as described above, but the difference is that will be creating blogs/websites instead of articles. This is how I managed to get high rankings for many sites and blogs.

Through optimizing and using only 100% white hat tactics!

Here are more tips on how to get more quality links. Google loves edu links. No matter that they don’t admit that, it is obvious that links from edu sites have a great effect. Here is a great article on how to get edu links .

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