How To Craft A Great Email Subject Line


How To Craft A Great Email Subject Line

One of the quickest ways to grow your business is to send out email newsletters or sales notes that people want to read and respond to – and buy your product or service!

Part of that entails having a great subject line that makes people want to click on your email or ezine ads.

So what is the secret to writing a clickable subject line? Here are some tips:

Before sending out emails, check on your other information first

If I had a dime for each time I received an email from “Info” or “Admin” or “John,” I would be rich. Well, maybe I wouldn’t be rich, but I would be less annoyed than I am now. One of the things, aside from a subject line, that makes me want to click on an email is if I can easily see who it is from. That means that the sender needs to fill out their email contact information to show either their first and last name, their company name, or both. It is much easier to want to click on an email if I know who it is from.

how-to-craft-a-great-subject-lineAvoid words that will put your email in the spam filter

You probably already know that words like “free” and “Viagra” could get your email in the spam filter. There are a slew of other words, though.

HubSpot has a list of what to avoid, but keep in mind that spammers are always updating their game, so be sure to be on the lookout for trigger words to avoid.

A good way to do that is to check with whatever software you are sending the emails with – some of them will alert you to spammy subject lines.

Do not use all caps or a lot of exclamation points

Writing ACT NOW – OR ELSE!!! THAT MEANS NOW!!!  is more likely to make your readers roll their eyes at your ezine ads than click on your email. Do not use all-caps, and eschew lots of punctuation marks. You want to look like a professional, not a fly-by-night scammer.

Use first names – within reason

It is fine on some emails to use the first line in the subject line – when it makes sense. For example, Ebates gets my attention when they combine my name, along with mentioning a deal for a product I have bought before. The personalization is key.

Think about what your reader might be interested in

how-to-craft-a-great-subject-lineWhat a concept, right? Think about what types of emails you have sent that have gotten the most positive reaction, and try to keep that in mind for your subject line. For example, Williams-Sonoma has had great success with selling croissants for at-home cooking, so telling its readers in the subject line about a croissant sale could lead to great results.

And don’t forget the first few lines of the email

For those of us using Gmail, we can read the first line or two of an email without opening.  That means that you had better have something interesting to say there, instead of clearing your throat. Think holistically – between the subject line, the from field, and the first few lines of the email, make sure it is something that will appeal to the email’s readers.

ABT – Always be testing

The ideal subject lines for you may be unique to your business, and your customers. So it may be worth your while to test various subject lines, and track how they do.

This may cost you some time now, but it could save some aggravation in the long run.  Good luck! To learn more about email, and ezine ads, click here.

Lisa Swan writes for a variety of computing and business sites. She lives in New York City.

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