How To Build A Relationship With Your Visitors

How To Build A Relationship With Your Visitors

How To Build A Relationship With Your Visitors

Relationships are hard. Anyone who has dated someone for more than a year will know this to be true, and will have experienced arguments about the washing up and long heartfelt discussions about how you want different things out of life…

But then imagine that you’re trying to build a relationship with someone you’ve ever met.

  • Without talking to them.
  • And from miles away.

That’s what you should be trying to do if you’re a webmaster and actually it’s just as difficult, if a little less teary and dramatic…

Building a relationship with your visitors is crucial if you want to have loyal visitors rather than just one off hits, and it can be an incredibly powerful way to see your promotion take care of itself. Here’s how to navigate the tricky intricacies of the webmaster/visitor dynamic.

Your True Colours

Our first piece of advice comes from Phil Collins, who understands the importance of showing your true colours.

By showing your readers who you are and that you have opinions/a personality, you will help them to feel more of a connection with you and to read your work with more interest.

Too many webmasters and bloggers are under the impression that they must be at all times neutral and never controversial. They will never write in the first person, or if they do they’ll say ‘we’ all the time as though they’re some big corporation.

Be yourself and if you offend someone or come across as unprofessional you’ll find that surprisingly it actually makes people more likely to read what you say. Why do you think celebrity gossip magazines are so successful? Personalities!

Use Social Media

How To Build A Relationship With Your VisitorsSocial media makes for a fantastic tool that will help you to connect with your visitors and fans on a more personal level and show even more of your personality.

Tweet about your daily activities on Twitter, post photos on Instagram, and add friends on Facebook.

This way you’ll be more of a presence in your visitors’ lives, and you’ll show yourself to be a fully formed human being rather than just a detached voice.

Involve the Readers

What’s important to remember though is that a relationship is a two way thing. Being entertaining will not be enough to create a ‘relationship’ as such – that’s essentially just a show.

To give your readers a real sense of investment then, crowdsource ideas so that they can contribute, carry out surveys and log into a forum from time to time. Giving them merchandise such as t-shirts and bags can help too as they will that way be able to literally ‘brand’ themselves with your site and feel like they’re a living part of it.

Be Decent

But a relationship is no good if it’s a bad one. Really what you should be aiming to do is create a positive relationship that will show your readers that you care about them.

This means answering e-mails rapidly and politely, it means occasionally giving away a freebee like an ebook, and it means remembering to always deliver value through your site rather than focussing always on the bottom line.

Ralf Skirr Ralf Skirr’s comment : I love this article! And added the music video. :-) Hope you can watch it, and it’s not blocked in your country.

Just 3 days ago I’ve published my new blog at There I’m starting to do what the article mentions above: “Showing your readers who you are and that you have opinions/a personality.” Hope to see you there, too!

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