How To Be Likeable As A Company

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How To Be Likeable As A Company

As individuals, we all want to be liked. No one wants to be unpopular and if we ever find out that someone doesn't want to spend time with us it can be very hurtful.

As businesses though this feeling is somewhat muted – it's easier to stay faceless and nameless and we don't tend to take it personally when our organization isn't popular.

While this might be good for protecting our feelings though, it is important to try and ensure that our companies are popular lest it cause us to become complacent and indifferent.

If your company is popular then this will have a huge effect on your sales and will help you to get more business and to benefit from greater customer and employee loyalty.

Think about it: if you are choosing between two products and the only difference is the company that produced it, then you will probably pick the product from the company you like most.

So how do you win friends and influence people in the world of commercial business?

Here are some of the best strategies…

Have a Sense of Humour

One of the single best ways to win over your customers and your general public is to show that you have a sense of humour. This means poking fun at yourself from time to time in your marketing and investing money occasionally in pursuits that are for fun more than for profit. Virgin is a company that has the right idea here, often using witty and humorous advertising that features Richard Branson in a prominent position. Google also has the right idea and clearly recognizes how useful their April Fools pranks are for their PR.

Don't be Petty

Petty business is bad business. If you send your customers the bill for every slight expense you spend on them and fine them when they're a day late with their payments then of course you won't win any favours. While you might think that this is a good way to keep your overheads down, it's actually a short sighted form of business as in the long run it will only result in your company losing customers.

It can never hurt you to be generous and to consider spending a little extra cash on your customers as a necessary loss-leader. The same goes for employee loyalty.

Be Honest

When it comes to improving your business' reputation, honesty is certainly the best policy and any news is always going to be better coming from you. In other words, it's better that you break bad news than refuse to reveal certain information – as if you do the latter then you'll find that the rumours are probably worse than the reality. Practice transparency and use technology to achieve this where possible  – a company blog for instance might be a useful tool for keeping your fans and your customers up to date at all times.

Being Good

Finally you should find ways to do good wherever possible. This can mean donating to charity, or it can mean running your business in a green and eco conscious manner.


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