Use Article Writers With Purpose

Use Article Writers With Purpose

Use Article Writers With Purpose

I often have orders from clients that state a word count, number of articles and a general topic, which is okay; I can work with that because I’ve been doing this a long time and I can use my initiative.

Despite working on client projects daily, I occasionally pay someone to write for my own projects, using freelance article writers for example.

That might be a link building campaign to improve my site’s footprint or a post for my own blog because I just don’t have time to update it and the content is growing stale.

As a writer, I know how important the goals of a client can be to produce a successful page of content.

Are Article Writers Concerned?

Here’s my rule of thumb, pay a decent rate and you will get a decent result. No writer wants to see a two page brief and an accompanying style guide if they are earning bottom buck for the job.

You don’t need to tell good writers to create short paragraphs with no run-on sentences because they will already know how to help you achieve your goals. Why buy a dog and bark yourself? You just wouldn’t do it.

At most, I would ask writers to use Header 1, Header 2 and Header 3 for titles because I can paste it straight into a WordPress site. This way, some of my on-page SEO is already done because WordPress is clever enough to know that these should be tagged H1, H2 and H3.

When I write for clients, I try to take as much effort away from their day as possible. The better I am for their business, the more repeat work I will receive. It’s common sense, but can you expect a writer living in the UK or US to research and write about a subject they have no interest in if they are not motivated?

Finding Purposeful Writers

Use Article Writers With PurposeWriters who create content that will enhance your website or outreach campaign need to know who you are and what line of business you are in. It helps if they know your target market too because this helps them set the correct tone of voice.

Now, there are some decent content mills where you can let the writers know all these details when you fill out the brief.

Disappointingly, most content mills that have a number of writers on their books have a policy of stripping any contact details or website address out of the brief because they are afraid of writers stealing clients and not getting a cut. Not all content mills are the same, but most operate this way.

Go for Boutique and Get it Right

Anyone who has ordered content in the past will testify that it’s a hit and miss process that can be frustrating because it not only wastes time waiting for revisions, but can be costly if it just doesn’t work out. That’s before you even get into the confrontation with writers who insist their work is good, when they clearly skipped a few grammar lessons at school; but are up to date with ‘txt spk’ (text speak for the humans reading this).

At least with a boutique agency, you can usually speak to your account manager and communicate your intentions properly. It’s like using freelance article writers, but slightly better for volume orders.

Of course, if you have a freelance writer that has great availability and you can supply them with a decent amount of work then you will struggle to get a better relationship with other suppliers. Finding your tone of voice and understanding your needs is not something that easily fits on a one-page brief.

Abel Froman is a digital content manager who has been hiring article writers for eight years. He rarely uses untested talent and will only use writers with an impressive portfolio. are a exactly who he likes to hire for the quality, well structured peices he needs.

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