Grow Your Business with Triberr: #8 Coaching Tool

Grow Your Business with Triberr: #8 Coaching Tool

Grow Your Business with Triberr: #8 Coaching Tool

Today I want to talk to you about how you can utilize Triberr as an awesome coaching tool to help others.  Now, let's get busy and learn how to benefit from this and also how it can help others as well!

This will be pretty short and sweet but has some great insight as to how to use Triberr very constructively for your business success!

It's the last and final segment of our Grow Your Business Online with Triberr eSeries!

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Learn How to Use Triberr as a Coaching Tool! BUILD Your Business and Clientele!

Private Tribes versus Open Tribes

One of the perks to Triberr is that you can set a tribe up to be private or open to the public

Private tribes allow you to share conversations among a specific group of private members.  This is where coaching comes in.  You might have noticed that there are many groups now on Facebook and Google+ set up as private.  They may be for coach support or for an elite group to network together.  Let's talk about how using a private group on Triberr can help both you  and your clientele.

Promotional Campaign or Coaching Group

Grow Your Business with Triberr: #8 Coaching Tool

Once every year or two I set up a promotional campaign where I offer a small group free coaching services to help them build their business. 

Why would I do this?  I do it first and foremost because my company is one that prides itself on giving back. 

The other reason is a good business will develop within its strategic plan different methods of promotional campaigns to enhance and build their brand.  As a Wellness Specialist and Development Coach, I look forward to bringing on a select small group to nurture and coach along to success.

I promote the opportunity to receive 6 – 12 weeks of free coaching from my company and what the criteria is for being selected into this small group.  I review the candidates who have applied for the program.  I select them based on the type of business they might have and how much I feel I can personally help them.  I also take into consideration how much in need they may be of my services.  Lastly, a last piece of criteria that is SOMETIMES considered is how affordable is my services to a candidate.  Those newer in business development may have smaller revenue built up so could benefit from FREE coaching more than others.

Usually the group is 5-8 individuals and I have them all set up a profile within Triberr if they haven't already done so. 

This is all part of the first lesson.  If they are serious about learning from me, they will create an account in Triberr.  I will then send them an invite to a private group.  This private group is where I share tips, support and parts of lessons.  I do this together because I teach them within this group how to begin networking together and this small group suddenly becomes not individuals but a TEAM for success.

Grow Your Business with Triberr: #8 Coaching Tool


As you host a select group of individuals, it is important that you provide them with just as much service and quality of your coaching as you would for someone who is a paying client.  The purpose of a promotion is to show the public the quality of your company and skills.  It is to be recognize.  In many times, it is also to help others.  Think about how many brands you see that have their names attached to sponsoring something. 

Helping and giving back is a very important piece to doing good business.

Grow Your Business with Triberr: #8 Coaching ToolAs you conclude with your work it is important to ask them for a testimony.  You want to know how you did as a coach for them.  It's important to hear what helped them and what you might have done differently to improve your skills as a coach.

Those testimonies that you receive can be used if agreed upon to share with the public.  The public then hears about the quality of your work.

What's Next :

Well this wraps up the 8 week eSeries.  I hope you have learned some great techniques on how Triberr can help you to succeed in your online business.  Please keep your eyes open for Dedicated 2 Life's next eSeries for brands on "How Influence Marketing Can Benefit Your Business!".  This eSeries will be published over on Markerly in a few weeks.  I will personally be sure to let you know when it begins and is published.  

As always, it's been a great pleasure in hosting this eSeries to provide to you.  I hope you all enjoyed it, and I hope you stay connected.  Blessings to you all. [This post is republished from's Triberr series.]

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