Google's Vision for Google Plus

Google's Vision for Google Plus

By Ralf Skirr.

This is the best presentation of what g+ is meant to be that I've seen lately.

Fortunately inteviewer +Rafe Needleman is giving +Vic Gundotra and +Bradley Horowitz enough space to give us their view of g+, instead of hammering the common misconceptions.

As I've said before, g+ is much bigger than the 'Facebook cloning' the mainstream press is focusing on.

[ Sidenote: Yes, Google is still avoiding the question of usage. I believe this adds to the public impression that g+ is a failure more than anything else, but that's Google's choice in favor of the bigger picture. ]

1. As a user – I'm thrilled about the integrated experience; and we're still only at the beginning of it.
2. As an author, biz owner, and marketer – I'm thrilled about getting a platform that spreads over lots of Google's properties, connecting me to my circles across all those properties. (Google property = lots of people)
3. And thinking in Google's shoes for a moment – I'm thrilled about the scope of this project, that in the end will make users spend more time in the Googleverse, make them more connected to the brand, plus adding a few commercial benefits on the side of data, advertising etc.

I don't like everything Google is doing, but g+ is a great concept, in idea as well as in implementation.

Now, take a few minutes to watch +CNET 's video below.
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