The Google Prophecy

The Google Prophecy

The Google Prophecy

By Ralf Skirr.

Businesses rely on SEO to fill their sites with visitors, and their sales funnel with leads.

The common belief is that SEO has become harder, especially after Panda and Penguin, but that you can still make it to the top of SERPs , simply by working harder.

Every time Google makes SEO harder, you work harder – and up to the top you rise.

That’s a fatal error of judgment, and many will find out the hard way.

It’s a fatal error because a few years from now there won’t be any SERPs as we know them today.

Read that prophecy again:

A few years from now there won’t be any search engine results pages as we know them today.

You may not believe this right now, but it will happen anyway.

The sun doesn’t need you to believe that it’s the center of the solar system. It won’t move a bit if you want it to revolve around earth.

And Google won’t keep search as it was because you want it to.

That’s why the question ‚How do I stay at the top of SERPs?‘ is the wrong question.

The right question is:

„Where do I get my traffic from, when Google STOPS sending people to my web site.“

The new goal isn’t visibility in search, the new goal is visibility on the web and beyond.

Those who understand this early enough will not only survive, they will do well.

Others will weep.

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