Google Authorship is an exciting development

Google Authorship is an exciting development

By Ralf Skirr.

t. I don't see it as negative as +Jonathan Leger in his post linked below, but his points are valid. The system can be and will be mis-used.

Reshared post from +Tim Buchalka

Jonathan seems to be against author rank, or at least thinks its not going to go far – I tend to agree that it's a little broken right now, but it really is an eye opener in terms of the potential rewards with that image of your face in the SERP's. I for one fully support author rank as a nice step forward.

As to how well it will work over time, that is anyones guess! The idea is a great one though.

Google Authorship – The Next PageRank? « Jonathan Leger – SEO And Internet Marketing Blog
Google Authorship – The Next PageRank? Let's face it: despite their best attempts to improve their algorithm, Google has been gamed. If you hang out at any of the big SEO forums (particularly the …

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