Getting More Fans By Promoting Your Facebook Page

Getting More Fans By Promoting Your Facebook Page

Getting More Fans By Promoting Your Facebook Page

Capturing an audience and holding their attention on Facebook does not need to be an expensive proposition.

There are effective steps that can be utilized to promote your page without the need to spend any money at all.

The following tips will help you develop an effective strategy for promoting your Facebook page, to acquire more fans.

 Cross Promotion

A quick glance at your Facebook post stats will indicate that you need to look beyond the reach of Facebook alone to promote your content. To do that, you’ll need to find creative ways to draw in viewers to your Facebook page from other social sites. Anytime you update a post, or add value content to your Facebook page, you need to cross promote it to other social platforms including Google Plus, Twitter and others.

As part of the cross promotion, you should be specifically asking fans to post their feedback. This can be done by linking your updated post as a tag at the end of a new post. Look for every opportunity to cross promote your updated content using other sources including social media sites.

Email Signature

One of the most effective and often underutilized tools is your email signature. Anytime you have any type of email correspondence, you can automatically add a link that directs the user to your Facebook page by default. While this certainly is not a revolutionary idea, it continues to be one of the more powerful ways of providing exposure to your Facebook page with individuals that you may contact routinely.

Website Button

Getting More Fans By Promoting Your Facebook Page - Website ButtonToday’s business sites use a fairly standardized practice of adding website buttons to their sites. These buttons redirect their visitors to the company’s social media sites, including their Facebook page. These buttons can be easily integrated into the design of the website at the bottom, top or on the sidebars of the site.

Give a Shout Out

Remember that the crucial component to social media sites is the word “social.” Social media sites are all about developing and maintaining communities in niche markets. Facebook offers a phenomenal feature called “@mention” that helps you grab the attention of the followers of other page owners.

By giving a shout out through @mention, you will develop goodwill from other Facebook page owners along with owners of other social media sites. This helps develop a much stronger online community while assisting in your development of a solid reputation of being someone that cares to contribute in every way possible.

An Effective Online Bio

Anytime you leave quality content on your own site, or contribute to other sites, be sure to add a link back to your Facebook page through your online bio. In addition, when publishing press releases online, be sure to add a Facebook page link that redirects the audience to your “About” section. Place this along the bottom of the press release. This offers one more opportunity to get the word out about you and the company brand.

Share Your Quality Content

Getting More Fans By Promoting Your Facebook Page - Share Your Quality ContentA surefire way to develop an effective strategy for promoting your Facebook page is to share quality content. It continues to be the most crucial component in building a solid fan base for your Facebook page. Anytime you share compelling and informational content directly with your fans, they tend to be very interested in sharing it with their fan base and friends. This can expand your reach.

Developing an effective strategy by utilizing the tools above is the easiest way to get your Facebook page in front of the right targeted audience. It is a simple solution for driving additional traffic to your site, to increase engagement, while promoting the company business.

Toby Gonzales is the Revenue Manager for He enjoys helping businesses implement their social media marketing plan. 


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