Gamer or Not, You’re Going to Love Google+

Gamer or Not, You’re Going to Love Google+

By Ralf Skirr.

There is something about Facebook that makes it so addicting for its members. Otherwise, it would not have been able to beat MySpace and acquire 750 million users through the years.

Now, just what could this something be?

It seems Google has figured it all out, and that is why it has added a good number of games to its new social network.

Games Invade Google+

Google+ is still in its beta phase, but new features are frequently being added. One of its new features is the games API. This new tab allows members to gain access to all the games Google+ has to offer. Although it currently has only 16 games, Google made sure that it is offering nothing but the best. Some of its starter games are Angry Birds, Bejeweled Blitz, Bubble Island, and Zynga Poker.

Crowd favorites like Farmville and Mafia Wars are yet to be added, but rest assured that Google+ are working on getting more quality games up on their network soon.

The great thing about this new feature is that you have all the game notifications in just one place. Invitations, updates, high scores, etc.—they are in that one tab for you to check and access. This makes it a lot easier since you won’t need to click on multiple buttons just to see what your friends are up to, if you are leading or losing the top high score race, if you want to check out new games your circles are going crazy for, and so on.

Even better, this new tab helps game haters like me.

Game Haters Don’t Need to Hate

Now, one thing that I didn’t really like about Facebook—and probably one of the factors that made a lot of users like me favor Google+—is the fact that it bombards users with game notifications.

I mean, I created an account with business purposes in mind, and my business is far from being related to games. That is why I do not really appreciate all those game notifications cluttering my news feed.

Are you the same?

If yes, then you will surely like that Google+ had that in mind when it created the games tab. That is to say, since there will be one separate tab for the games, we won’t need to see all those game updates when we are not interested in them. Our feed tab will be clean and be full of only real news and personal updates from the people in our circle.

Calling Interested Developers

With its aim to bring the best games to its members, Google+ has also opened its doors for developers. It even created a separate developers’ blog for fast and easy communication with any parties interested in the offer.

If you are a web app developer and you want to take this opportunity, you can simply head over to the Google+ Platform.

Google+ is definitely still on its way to developing a top-notch social network. However, if it continues to bring well-thought features like this one, I’m sure it is going to win over a lot of users faster than anyone ever thought possible.

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