How To Gain Visibility On The Web And Beyond – Part 3

How To Gain Visibility On The Web And Beyond – Part 3

How To Gain Visibility On The Web And Beyond – Part 3

By Ralf Skirr.

Today we’ll boldly go where Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft are going. In part 1 we focused on presenting your business on your web site and your other web presences. In part 2 we expanded to sites and presences of your business contacts.

Those were easy tasks, requiring little time and little technical expertise.

All of them were about creating content on web sites.

Today’s suggestion is to take your marketing beyond the boundaries of the internet. Or, more precise, beyond the internet browser.

Fragementation of media and platforms is one of the biggest challenges for marketers. The smaller your business, the bigger the challenge.

That’s why today’s idea requires some effort.

It means creating content for the closed ecosystems of Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft.

How To Gain Visibility On The Web And Beyond – Part 3

There are numerous ways to do this, and lots of platforms and technologies you can use.

This post is just an idea starter.

2 Ways To Use The New Online Ecosystems

1. You can use existing content and reformat it into one of the media types.


  • Reformat your PDF eBooks into Kindle eBooks.
  • Publish your audio books in Podcast format for iTunes.
  • Create an iPad app that displays your blog web site.

2. You can create entirely new content specifically for those platforms.

  • Gamification is a big trend. Create an app.
  • Digital magazines is a big trend, too. Create a new niche magazine for Amazon or iOS.

It’s a 2 step process:

  1. Create the media. [The ebook. The App. The mp3. Whatever.]
  2. Add it to the platform. [iTunes Store. Kindle Store. Whatever.]

This trend is just starting.

I could tell you about the awesome business opportunities in those platforms, but actually for most businesses it’s just addtitional work.

The EXCEPTION is when your business is focused on those platforms. For example if your main business is publishing Kindle ebooks. Then it’s not additional work but indeed a great opportunity.

I could also tell you you can savely ignore those platforms, but…

Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft have billions of users, literally, and consuming content within each of those platforms REPLACES consuming content on the internet.

Every minute spent within those systems is a minutes not spent on the internet, and thus a lost chance to find your web site or your social media profile.

Plus, we’ve already covered that – because of changes in web search – the visibility for your business web site is expected go down.

That’s why we’re looking for additional ways to get your business noticed.

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