The Future Of Marketing Is In SMS

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The Future Of Marketing Is In SMS

Kick start your marketing initiative with mass text marketing

In a world where more people have cell phones than running water, it pays to undertake SMS marketing.

Potential clients of all ages use their cell phones daily to communicate, access the internet and play games. Statistics don’t lie. There’s a huge untapped market waiting for your business to unlock.

Looking at the Numbers

According to CTIA–The Wireless Association, “The U.S. wireless industry is valued at $195.5 billion, which is larger than publishing, agriculture, hotels and lodging, air transportation, motion picture and recording and motor vehicle manufacturing industry segments. It rivals the computer system design service and oil and gas extraction industries.”

In the United States there are more cell phones in use than there are people. What are the business implications of this data? There are many, but perhaps the most important conclusion you can draw is that if you can reach these users, your business can reap the rewards of connecting with an enormous and largely underutilized market.

CTIA says as of June 2012, U.S. wireless consumers sent and received at least 6 billion text messages each day. That’s nearly 70,000 text messages each second! And Cisco's Visual Networking Index projects wireless data traffic volumes for North America in 2016 will be more than 100 times that of 2009 volumes.

Market outreach has never before been so in-depth or complete. Every cell phone provider offers data, talk and text plans that can be scaled up or back to meet client’s budgetary restrictions. However, even the least expensive plans include texting options due to high demand. Even free cell phones given to the underprivileged can receive texts. This means your business is capable of reaching massive audiences that are nearly unreachable via any other marketing scheme.

How Your Business Can Use SMS Marketing

Many companies or organizations use these services to offer exclusive deals to followers, or alert consumers of upcoming sales. Political candidates, like President Obama, used SMS marketing to remind voters to vote, while non-profits can organize events on the fly. Other businesses simply use SMS to wish followers well on their birthday, creating a positive brand image.  

Unlike email, television, radio, telemarketing or social media marketing, SMS marketing provides the highest possible outreach. Cell phones are devices that all demographic groups possess and use. Those who are unreachable by phone, voice message, email or other marketing means are available through text. Messages remain in the phone’s inbox until they are read and/or discarded.

Demographic groups who are increasingly driving our economy are young, tech savvy and smart. If you want to connect with them, you have to keep your message short, direct, and catchy. Giving incentives can boost user participation, such as a special offer in exchange for filling out a brief survey. This can increase business while helping you better understand your customers.

If you have been thinking about text message marketing for your business, you’re not alone. Mobile internet advertising almost doubled between 2011 and 2012, meaning large corporations are finding business in SMS marketing, and you can, too!


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