Free Online Tools

Here are several free online tools, helping you to get things done faster. These are tools that I’m using for my own business, and I decided to make them available for everyone.

Email Formatting Tool For Your Autoresponder Messages

The email formatter helps you to format any plain text into 2 separate, easy to read versions for the text and HTML message field in your autoresponder.

Email Formatting Tool

The Amazing Online Hyperlink Creator

Add any URL or list of URLs to the hyperlink creator tool and get HTML hyperlinks with one click. Useful if you need to quickly format a link for a web site or an email, or if you just copied a list of unclickable URLs from somewhere and want to turn it into clickable hyperlinks for your own convenience.

Creating Hyperlinks

The Free Article Rewriter

Use this tool to create full article rewrites. It’s a tool for writers wanting to do quality rewrites, you actually have to re-write the original article yourself. The tool helps to speed up that process by eliminating unnecessary changes and letting you do fast sentence by sentence re-wording.

Free Article Rewriter

Make A Wish – Which Tools Do you Need?

I would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form Any tool you would like to see here? Or any feature request for the existing tools? Send me your wishes, I’ll see what I can do for you.

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