Free Downloads Working Beautifully Again

Free Downloads Working Beautifully Again

By Ralf Skirr.

UPDATE March 2012: To simplify things the password protected download system has been deactivated. I'll now send the direct download links via email to my subscribers. END UPDATE

A few days ago I told you about a technical problem with the free downloads. I finally fixed it, simply by deactivating the plugin that caused the problems.

It was the W3 Total Cache plugin. I'm a little bit sorry about deactivating it, because having it was a huge performance boost for wordpress.

Unfortunately it caused several problems that I wasn't able to fix.

  • After submitting the secret password it wasn't shown to the users that they were actually logged in. Consequently they could not get the free downloads.
  • The Javascript that displays related posts and tags in the sidebar stopped working after I minified it using W3 Total Cache.
  • Some Javascript in the footer bar also did not work anymore.

Long story short: W3 Total Cache is gone for now, performance is back to its much slower state, you can now easily unlock your free downloads again.

P.S. If you're familiar with W3 Total Cache and know how to fix these problems, you may chime in here:

My wordpress forum post about this problem.

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