Free Article Rewriter – Rewrite Your Articles Quickly And With High Quality

Free Article Rewriter – Rewrite Your Articles Quickly And With High Quality

By Ralf Skirr.

Articles flying out of folder fast.If you’ve been doing any kind of Internet marketing for a period of time, whether it would be promoting your own offers or affiliate offers, chances are that you have been utilizing article marketing in your promotion efforts.

Article marketing is a great, free way to bring targeted traffic back to your product page, as relevant articles can entice people who are interested in the relevant topic back to your product page to sign up to your list and purchase your product.

However, there are a few downsides to article marketing:

  • You need to write high-quality articles.
  • High-quality articles take time to write.
  • You need many high-quality articles to spread across the Internet in order to effectively utilize article marketing.

The main problem is that you have to put in a lot of time and effort in order to make article marketing a profitable promotional effort for your business.

The more time you use to make this method effective, the less time you have to work on other aspects of your business.  Conversely, you can’t just create poor articles to take advantage of the benefits of article marketing, so what do you do? Here’s your solution:

Free Article Rewriter Tool Released

I’ve added a new tool to Internet Business Mastermind that should enable you to produce high-quality articles in a shorter amount of time.  This tool is called the “Free Article Rewriter,” and you can find it here:

How does it work, you ask?

First, you need to input an article that you’ve written or had written for you in the past into the provided space, add your email address so that the entire rewritten article can be sent to your inbox, and press the “Submit” button

Second, your sentences will be broken up so that you can rewrite them sentence per sentence.  Afterwards, you’ll hit the “Submit” button.

Third, you will see the entire rewritten article made up of the rewritten sentences that you wrote.  This rewritten article will also be in your inbox at the email address you provided in the first step.

That’s all there is to it!

Now, you might be thinking, “Why do I need to rewrite each sentence?  Isn’t the point of using shortcuts and software programs to prevent me from having to rewrite my articles?”

It’s true that it will take a little bit of time to rewrite each sentence, but the completed rewritten article will flow much, much better than articles you will receive by inputting them into an article-spinning software program.  Those programs may be able to input synonyms into the articles more quickly than you can rewrite each sentence, but too often, the articles read awkwardly, not leading to a smooth reading.

Let’s face it – if the article doesn’t read smoothly, people won’t bother reading it.  And if people won’t bother reading it, then they won’t find the link to your product page, won’t sign up to your opt-in list, and won’t purchase your product offer, thereby making the whole exercise of creating the rewritten article useless in the first place.

Therefore, doesn’t it make more sense to take the time to rewrite each sentence as is needed in the “Free Article Rewriter” to create rewritten articles that are enticing enough to draw your prospects in so that they will click the link to your product page and enter your sales funnel.

Once you go through the process of the “Free Article Rewriter,” you’ll find that rewriting one sentence at a time is much easier and goes much quicker than trying to rewrite by looking at the whole article while rewriting it.  Therefore, you’ll still save more time than you would if you tried to rewrite your article without utilizing the “Article Rewriter.”

Best of all, the “Free Article Rewriter” is free and ready for you to use, so head on over to the following link and utilize it now:

P.S. Feel free to leave your comments and feedback at the Web page above – we are continuously working to improve the “Article Rewriter,” so all relevant comments and feedback are welcome.

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