Five Artists That Got Famous Using Social Media

Five Artists That Got Famous Using Social Media

Five Artists That Got Famous Using Social Media

Social media – you either love it or hate it. Whatever your persuasion, it’s impossible to deny the power of social media.

Social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to mention just a few examples are powerful marketing tools.

Your business could be the next thing to go viral, your product or service jumping to the number one best seller as a result of a video, tweet or Facebook like.

And talking of number ones…

And talking about number ones and best sellers, do these five celebs ring a bell? If it wasn’t for social media, most if not all may well never have made it as the pop sensation they are today.  

Justin Bieber

Justin BieberWith almost two and a half BILLION (2,300,000,000) hits on assorted video clips posted on YouTube, he is the most watched singer on the planet.

Yet before January 19, 2007 a 12-year old Bieber was an unknown. He posted a video of himself on his personal YouTube channel and as it went viral, so did his following.

From a skinny kid to a global superstar in a little over 12 months; if social media can do this for a skinny kid, what could it do for you?

The Gregory Brothers

Not conventional posters but certainly innovative. Their take on politicians and celebrities was a refreshing addition to the music business.

Not everyone’s cup of tea but with video views totalling over 275 million (275,000,000) and an Emmy nomination in 2011, they are an unstoppable force in modern popular music.

Greyson Chance

Greyson ChanceNever heard of him? Don't worry, you're not alone.

However, if you have young children or early teens, they will have heard of him. His rise to fame was on the back of a YouTube video which featured him singing “Paparazzi” by Lady Gaga.

Swept up in the wake of a video which went viral within months, he has over one hundred million (100,000,000) video views to his name already. He also has several hundred thousand followers to his name, a number which is increasing on a daily basis.

Maria Aragon

With YouTube video views totalling more than (150,000,000) one hundred and fifty million she is a YouTube and Twitter sensation.

She wasn’t getting very far until a certain Lady Gaga herself tweeted a link to one of Maria's videos. With that one tweet her viewership on YouTube increased by over eleven million. The power of a single Tweet; just imagine using Twitter to good effect for your online presence.

Maria Black

A household name in the United States since 2011, it is all thanks to her mother paying Ark Music Factory to produce a video of her daughter.

It was released and rapidly went viral, and has to date surpassed over 167 million (167,000,000) views on YouTube.

These are just five remarkable success stories of artists tapping the power of various social media propelling them to super stardom. They are not the first and certainly will not be the last. You may not have the voice of Bieber or the talent of the Gregory brothers, but you can be a success if you harness the power of social media for your marketing strategy.

Who knows; your business, product, service, book or latest menu could just be the next viral sensation to take the world by storm.

Maddie Kortenaar works for a digital agency in Edinburgh, Scotland. She helps clients with their social media strategy and advises on how to make viral content and advertisements. 

Ralf Skirr Ralf Skirr's comment:

It's great to see the celebs on my blog. :-) I embedded the “Paparazzi” video, but I found it quite disturbing and then pressed 'delete.'

The crucial sentence in this article is, of course:

"You can be a success if you harness the power of social media for your marketing strategy."

Begs the question:


  • What was it that made these 5 super stars stand out while tens of thousands of others go unnoticed?
  • What is it in our social media marketing strategy that makes our biz stand out from the hundreds of thousands that go unnoticed?
  • And: How do we get Lady Gaga to tweet our stuff?

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