„It’s Not My Fault,“ Said The Entrepreneur.

„It’s Not My Fault,“ Said The Entrepreneur.

„It’s Not My Fault,“ Said The Entrepreneur.

By Ralf Skirr.

I got an email this week, from an entrepreneur.

“An SEO company that no longer works for us posted articles using my name and that contain links to our web site.

They did this without our authorization and now we need to remove this article from your site.”


What he should have written is:

“Ah, sorry, we didn’t care a bit what the SEO guys were doing. And besides, it was before Penguin and Panda, and everybody thought it was a cool thing to do.”

I get a few of these emails every month. Saying things like “without our consent” or “without informing us.”

Again, really?

There’s only one person responsible in your business.

Guess who that is?

If you’re an entrepreneur, and employees, freelancers, or agencies are doing things you have no idea about, it means you’re not doing your job. You’re not in control of what’s happening in your business.

For 26 years I have been learning everything that has to happen in my biz. Literally. There is not one single task, not one tiny little detail, that I couldn’t perform myself if I wanted to.

  • Learning everything myself was a lot of work.
  • I could have saved tons of time by not doing it.

But it puts me in a comfortable position.

  • I know what’s going on in my business.
  • I can instruct people working for me.
  • I can competently evaluate the work of agencies, freelancers, and employees.

I’m not saying an entrepreneur must learn everything. [Being a control freak is my personal obsession.]

But as a leader in your business the right thing to do is taking responsibility for what happens.

This article was first published at RalfSkirr.com.

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