The Facebook Surprise – Promotional Cover Images Now Allowed?

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The Facebook Surprise – Promotional Cover Images Now Allowed?

By Ralf Skirr.

The latest buzz – thanks to Mari Smith and Hugh Briss for this exciting discovery –  is that Facebook has lifted restrictions on how to promote with Facebook cover images. Up until now there were strict rules what not to do with your cover image.

  • no price or purchase info
  • no contact or website info
  • no pointing viewers to specific Facebook features, like your custom tabs
  • no call to action, such as ‘subscribe’ or ‘like my page’

These rules have vanished from Facebook’s guidelines! There hasn’t been an official announcement, so we’re not sure if this was by purpose, or a simple mistake. I guess the confusion will clear up within a few days.

If those bans have indeed been lifted, you can now use your cover image for specific promotions. That’s great news, especially since up until now the marketing value of fan pages is questionable when compared to other marketing channels. has talked to Facebook and got confirmation that the rules have indeed changed and that you can now use your cover image with promotional text.

You still can use only 20% of your image for text – but that’s a good rule. After all, you shouldn’t expect your fans to read a cover image with a Wall Street Journal text density.

The road to success will be ONE TARGETED message and call to action.

Here’s a tool to check your Facebook cover image text, showing how much space your own cover image text is using.

And here’s an infographic on how much space you have for your message:

Examples for Facebook-Cover-Image-Text

Direct link to the tool:

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