Facebook Games To Pep Up Your Facebook Page

Facebook Games To Pep Up Your Facebook Page

Facebook Games To Pep Up Your Facebook Page

Games are in demand everywhere!

Social gaming is the way forward to engage users in an interactive activity.

Not all of us have the resources to develop unique games for our Facebook Fans, and so some Facebook Apps developing agencies have come up with plug and play facebook game apps.

The idea of developing games is to get the Fan hooked on and keep returning to the page to play it.

What’s better is if the games are rewarding – with actual prizes and not just points. Even better, if the win is based on luck, because then the game can become addictive.

A couple of exciting games that will keep the fan engaged are:

Scratch and Win

Facebook Games To Pep Up Your Facebook Page

In this game, the user is asked to Like a Facebook Page to be able to play it for the first time.

This feature helps to increase the number of fans to the page. Once the user has become a fan, he/she is presented with a scratchie, like a lottery ticket which needs to be scratched with a coin to reveal what’s hidden underneath.

The animations of the app are pre-developed and all the admin has to do is install it, configure it with their requirements and activate it. For eg: admin can decide to give every 5th player the prize. He can decide that every 5th, 7th and 10th player gets a concert ticket, an iPod and a $500 voucher respectively. The prize winners and details are usually completely customisable.

When a player does not win in the first chance, they can try again in 24 hours and thus the game app ensures the return of the player to try their luck at winning an awesome prize.

Pick One

Facebook Games To Pep Up Your Facebook Page

Similar to Scratch and Win – Pick One Facebook Game App has a unique animation design.

The game is fan-gated as well to allow the page to increase the number of fans. In this game the player is presented with 3 boxes and the boxes are shuffled. The player is asked to select any one of the box. Inside any one random box a prize is hidden, but the remaining 2 boxes have a “try again – better luck next time” message! Again, the game details are completely customised, and so admin can decide how many and which winners receive which prize.

Custom Games

Facebook Games To Pep Up Your Facebook Page

Of Course, if your brand requires something unique to engage the fans then you can get a game developed as well.

These can be simple crosswords, or time-based games as well. Any game that can keep your fan returning to your page is a good investment. Customised games have the advantage of adding more specific branding in terms of images, colour and animation and not just banners. Custom games can also be themed around brand’s products or services, including their CSR campaigns.

At the end of the day the ideal game is sticky, helps you increase fans, makes your fans aware of your products and services, engages them at an emotional level and hopes to convert fans into loyal customers.

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