Facebook Edgerank – Removing The Shroud Of Secrecy

Iceberg symbolizing how Facebook edgerank hides most of your updates from followers.

Facebook Edgerank – Removing The Shroud Of Secrecy

If you run a Facebook page then you’ll want to be aware of every edge that can help ensure your posts appear in the News Feeds of your fans. This is especially important considering that:

  1. In 2012 40% of all time spent on Facebook was on the News Feed feature, and not on profiles or pages, and
  2. 96% of Facebook users never return to a Facebook Page again (if at all) once they have ‘liked’ the page, and
  3. Only 16% of your total fan base will see Facebook posts made from your Facebook Page.

So, your timeline graphic and fancy Facebook Apps and Tabs won’t count for anything if you’re not a regular presence in the News Feed of your audience.

In order to make your Facebook marketing activities work for you and your Facebook page then you need to understand how the Facebook EdgeRank algorithm works.

Understanding the Facebook EdgeRank Algorithm

Understanding the Facebook EdgeRank algorithm could make a big difference to the range and reach of your posts (without having to pay for additional promotion!)

The Facebook EdgeRank algorithm may seem secretive and incredibly complex, but when you break the algorithm down it’s actually very easy to see what it is you need to do to boost the reach of your posts.

The Facebook EdgeRank algorithm comprises of three main elements:

  • Affinity – Affinity is a one way relationship measurement of engagement between your Facebook Page (the content creator) and the Facebook User (the reader). So, if the reader already engages a lot with your posts they are more likely to see your posts in their News Feed
  • Weight – Different types of posts carry different weights. The more weight a post carries the higher the score is at the end of the calculation. The higher the score, the more likely the post is to feature on a reader’s News Feed.
  • Time Decay – The general rule here is the older a post is the lower it’s score will be and the less likely it is to appear in the News Feed. This is to ensure that user’s who login to Facebook everyday are always presented with new content.

It is the weight element of the algorithm that often causes the most confusion, as posts have a ‘starting weight’ and the level of interaction per post can be classed as ‘additional weight’.

The general rule of thumb for EdgeRank starting weight is:

  • Photos and videos carry the highest starting weight.
  • Next in line are posts that contain links.
  • Finally, text only posts carry the lowest starting weight.

‘Additional weight’ can be added to a post through:

  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comments

The more positive engagement that a post incurs the more weight it carries, and the more likely it is to appear in the News Feed of your fans.

Five Tips to Up Your EdgeRank

Here are five tips you can use to increase the reach of your Facebook posts:

  • Short and Sweet – Treat posts like tweets; keep them short and sweet (between 100 to 250 characters) and they will gain up to 60% more likes, shares and comments.

  • Use Visuals – Photo albums, photos and videos get between 100 – 180% more engagement than links or text only posts.

  • Post Daily – Post content on a regular basis to strengthen the relationships with your regular readers, helping to increase your reach.

  • Relevant Content – Make sure your content is relevant to your reader, but don’t make it all about you.

  • Try Different Times – Find what days and times work best for your posts and stick to posting content around these key times.    

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