Exploring The Five Top Benefits Of Email Marketing

Exploring The Five Top Benefits Of Email Marketing

Exploring The Five Top Benefits Of Email Marketing

The proverbial business as usual does not apply to the marketing field anymore. It is more complex and at the same time less involving.

It is more approachable and personalized, today it is directed straight to Jane Smith and Jack Smith, personalized to their likes and dislikes, aimed at provoking them to buy and market for you.

The result is reaching a wider market for way cheaper and retaining customers by perceived care from you.

This is the beauty of email advertising.

By the press of a button, you are able to reach a wider market and here is the kicker, they also get back to you.

What other advantages do you gain from using email marketing to promote your brand?

1. Email Marketing saves your time, really!

Exploring The Five Top Benefits Of Email MarketingTraditionally, you need to assemble a team of elite marketers, you need to brief them, and you need to come up with budget estimates, find brand ambassadors, and then launch the product into the market. This is a costly affair not to mention time consuming.

In email marketing, you need a scriptwriter, email listings from consenting customers or from companies that already have their lists and you are ready to go. This is stress free compared to the traditional ways of marketing. You will need no budget of giveaways, no budget for legwork, and no need for ambassadors.

After formulating an advert you only need to consult with an email-marketing consultant to test the advertisement for you; mainly this is done by posting the advert temporarily on a website that is frequently visited or by sending it to test subjects to see their reaction.

This reaction helps you to tone down or make the advert bolder so that it can be provocative enough to be memorable and effective enough to sell your brand.

2. It improves your standing with your customers

Since the messages are personalized to suit your clients, they will feel a sense of ownership of the company and they will want to be associated to you.

You will notice this by references to you on social media, on your email and other electronic media. Word of advice is do not ignore them, however flimsy the message is from them, appreciate it; this, ladies and gentlemen, is the art of locking in clients according to the Murphy business model.

Use the data they send you to create their company client profile, this way you get to know what they need and what they prefer and helps your customer care change to customer experience. This helps your business to remain relevant.

3. It’s is a real time advertisement

Email advertising does not have a time segment or restrictions because of viewership or listeners, it is tailor made to reach your client when you plan them to and not a second later. When you hit the send button, the email advertisement is sent instantly and if your clients are online they get it at once and can reply at the same time, all they need is already team to answer their queries. This team needs to have skills in customer service and marketing to make it easy to sell while taking care of the company.

4. Email Marketing acts efficiently as data and information collection

Exploring The Five Top Benefits Of Email MarketingTraditionally this information was derived from feedback forms customers used to fill once in a while, this was tedious and time consuming.

It meant sorting out the information and making sure that you captured it correctly.

However, with email marketing, you have all the information digitized and all you need is to copy and paste.

5. There’s potential for a re-launch

Re-launch is a term used by the brand to call or reinitiate communication with one of its clients after sometime of silence.

It means sending an email or calling them to know how they are and why they are silent.

Now, that’s a personalized touch in the business world!

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