Exciting Changes For This Internet Business Blog!

Exciting Changes For This Internet Business Blog!

By Ralf Skirr.

NewThe reality is that changes are coming… They must come. You must share in bringing them.
~John Hersey~

You’ve probably made that mistake yourself.

Excited by unlimited opportunities you take on dozens or (in my case) hundreds of projects…and in the end there’s little chance of creating anything of excellence.

Simply because you’re diverting your resources.

You’re spreading yourself to thin.

That’s what I’ve been doing the past 5 years. While I enjoyed the freedom of the internet lifestyle, I did not build anything to really be proud of.

Because I was falling in love with too many ideas and projects.

But no more…

Last week I said goodbye to 55 domains and 55 web sites.

And now ‘ll focus to make InternetBusinessMastermind.com really good.

Here’s what I’m working on to give you better value.

1. Articles, downloads, and tools for your internet business success.

Internet Business Mastermind has been around for 3 years now, and I’ve published about 150 posts.  Yes, you can call me lazy. :)

Now, that I’ve freed myself from some unfinished projects, I’ll publish new content much faster.

  • We’ll publish new posts more often, covering what you need to make more money using the internet.
  • You’ll get free, downlaodable ebooks and software on a weekly basis.
  • You’ll also get free online tools, that will help you to get some of your tasks done more efficiently, and save time.

2. More focused on what matters for your success, less clutter.

I’m building a new category structure. It’s more focused on giving you a framework to start or grow your internet business.

There are now 3 main blog categories:

  • internet business ideas
  • getting more web traffic
  • increasing internet sales

Some of the old categories are gone, some will come back, and a few new ones will be introduced.

I’m also removing unnecessary content and items that distracted you from the main content. Lots of redundant stuff and hundreds of links have been removed from posts and the sidebar.

3. Better Newsfeeds for your Feedreader.

From now on the newsfeed will contain the article intro only. That’s easier for you if you don’t check your feeds on a daily basis. You’ll see all new posts with short intro, and can click through to whatever you’re interested in.

I will soon offer category specific feeds. That’s great for readers interested in specific topics. For example you could subscribe to a newsfeed that only notifies you of new posts for the ‘getting more web traffic’ category.

So, that’s the stuff I’m working on to improve the blog, making internet business mastermind more focused on your success.

To get the ball rolling I’ve recently uploaded your first free download, it’s a huge package of 32 free ebooks.
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