The Essential But Rarely Talked About Secret To Success

The Essential But Rarely Talked About Secret To Success

The Essential But Rarely Talked About Secret To Success

By Ralf Skirr.

These guys made my day while I was having a late breakfast at Starbucks earlier today. They’re flip-flopping their way through Bangkok’s electricity wires, either adding new wires, or removing old ones.

The guy on the left, sitting on nothing but wires, would take a short break every now and then and send a bright smile to passersby.

While I was watching they moved about 5 or 7 meters from right to left, doing their work.

It’s not glamorous.

  • Meter by meter they keep Bangkok’s electricity working.
  • If they decided to call it a day, a tiny part of the city would have a tiny problem.
  • If some of their colleagues did the same, problems would start piling up.

It’s the little work that needs to be done ‘behind the scenes’ to make Bangkok the popular city it is.

Success coaches and motivational speakers talk about how we can build our dream. How we can follow our bliss. How we’ll do the work that we love.

Yet, building a business requires a lot of mundane, not-so-glamorous work, just like maintaining Bangkok’s electricity.

  • The entrepreneur building the almost proverbial Golf business finds that his business isn’t growing while being on the golf court.
  • The dog lover building the almost proverbial dog grooming business finds that his business isn’t growing while playing with the puppies.

As biz owners we often find the list of mundane, daily tasks is longer than the list of exciting tasks. Yet, if we stop doing them [or never start doing them], our business won’t even exist.

This is the not-so-glamorous success secret the motivational speakers forget to tell us:

Turning your dream into a real success requires doing the little and boring things day in, day out.

Take a moment [30 seconds should be enough] and make a quick list:

  • What are the simple, boring tasks in your biz you resist or avoid? [but know you should be doing]

The resistance is actually tiny. It doesn’t take much to break it once we put our mind to it.

Or, as M.R. Kopmeyer wrote:

“DO the thing and you will have the power!”

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