Emergency Cash Tip #21: Sell Unprofitable Parts of Your Business

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Emergency Cash Tip #21: Sell Unprofitable Parts of Your Business

By Ralf Skirr.

If you already have an Internet business, but parts of it aren’t performing particularly well, then it may be a good idea to sell off the unprofitable parts.

Consolidate everything that is working; and move forward with a new model.

These unprofitable sections of your internet business might include websites that are poorly monetized; or products that don’t seem to sell very well.

Whatever the case may be, consider selling it on a forum like SitePoint.

If you have monthly revenue data (from AdSense or PayPal records), this will be helpful.

Even if the site doesn’t sell well for you, that doesn’t mean it can’t for someone else.

This is something that is important to highlight when making the sale.

Point out the positives about the site (such as its daily unique visitor counts); and then mention how this can potentially make more money if monetized better.

One good thing about selling your unprofitable sites is that you can usually get something like 7-10 months worth of profit from the sale.

Even if your site was making a meager $100/mo, this could translate into an immediate sale for $700-1000.

As far as e-books, reports, and unprofitable intellectual property go, consider selling them on forums.

Do whatever you need to in order to make the most from them—whether it be selling the master resale rights; or simply selling them to many people with a restrictive license.

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