Emergency Cash Tip #19: Sell Custom Content Mini-Sites

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Emergency Cash Tip #19: Sell Custom Content Mini-Sites

By Ralf Skirr.

If you can write well and can also do basic graphic design work, consider churning out some custom content mini-sites.

This might consist of something like a standard graphics package for a site, including a logo and banners; as well as a 10-15 articles.

Once you have created your content mini-site, consider how best to sell it.

Usually, the best place to sell it is a marketing forum.

The price and the number of copies you want to sell may be harder question.

If you believe you can make two sites per day, then it may make sense to sell them for as little as $30/each.

Remember, also, that you should research the topics you pick in advance, so that the sites you create will target lucrative keywords for your buyers.

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