The Easy Way To Success

The Easy Way To Success

The Easy Way To Success

By Ralf Skirr.

When we’re dissatisfied with our progress, we tend to make big resolutions.

We decide to finally make the quantum leap.

From this moment on, we’ll change everything.

We’ll work harder. Focus more. Stay true to our goals.

Only, it almost never works for us mere mortals.

The motivational gurus telling us [the truth] about their quantum leap are rare as a Kwisatz Haderach, compared to the number of those who fail to follow their lead.

So, if you know ‘from now I’ll change everything’ won’t work, why not try something easier, something with a higher chance of success?

Here’s a strategy that’s easy and works for many. It’s called

Slow and steady.

About 4 weeks ago I re-launched this web site,

I didn’t wait to put it online until it was finished. It would still be collecting dust on my hard drive.

Instead I published an unfinished web site [which, as all gurus will earnestly tell you, you must NEVER do.]

  • I still have a few spots with dummy text on this web site.
  • My newsletter subscription box was done so quickly, it got me 80% fake-name sign ups.
  • And I didn’t even send out my newsletter once in August.

Nothing to brag about. But it’s not a problem, because instead of waiting to get everything right, I took the slow and steady approach.

In August my goal was to add one blog post a day. Not exactly a breakthrough of mythic proportions.

Yet, as a result after less than one month I have 36 pages of content.

Now that this is accomplished, for September I’ll add my email newsletter to the things to do.

  • I have already added Facebook and Google Plus subscribe options. Doing this will bring down the fake-name sign ups to insignificant numbers. [I know this from my sign ups at]
  • Next week I will start to actually send emails to my list.

Again, not an accomplishment that makes a legend.

But one year from now, these small additions to my business will have added up.

How about 5 years? 10 years?

That’s the magic of ‘slow and steady.’

Even at a snail’s pace you’ll reach your goal faster than the one who’s waiting to make a quantum leap from loser to achiever.

What is a small thing you can start doing this week, that’ll make a difference later?

Get moving.

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