DLGuard 5 Finally Available!

DLGuard 5 Finally Available!

By Ralf Skirr.

DLGuard (short for digital download guard) is truly one of the most beloved ecommerce tools – which is a rare thing to say about software. The first version of DLG was created early 2005 by Sam Stephens, at that time called CB Download Manger. Since 2005 Sam has added numerous upgrades and features.

DLGuard is immensely popular for small to medium sized internet businesses to sell (and protect) their digital products.

An hour ago Sam emailed me that the brand new DLGuard 5 is available now. Owners of the previous DLG version can download the DLG5 upgrade free if their support and upgrade license is still valid. (If not, you can easily renew your license.)

If you don’t own it yet, you can get it (and read all about it) here:

DLGuard Download Page Protector.

The new V5 is the biggest upgrade we've seen in years. It has lots of new features, enhancements, and a revamped page design.

Before we look at what’s new with DLG, a really quick info for those who don’t know it:

You can use DLGuard to easily manage your digital product sales and downloads, including managing membership sites. The important word in this sentence being ‘easy.’ You probably know I’ve been closely involved with a more 'advanced' ecommerce tool for several years. In the end I ditched it because it was too complicated. I'm using DLGuard now, and never looked back.

  • DLG supports single product sales (typical for sales letter web sites promoting one and only one downloadable product) and sales via shopping cart, where the customer can buy several products at once.
  • DLGuard protects your download pages and secures downloads from thieves.
  • It keeps track of your sales, adds your customers to your autoresponders, and you can easily resend product downloads to customers who ask for support. Full feature list here.

DLGuard 5 Upgrade – what’s new?

Great support for WSO’s (Warrior Special Offers). DLG now supports

  • WSO Pro (Warrior Plus)
  • JVZoo
  • DigiResults

ClickBank’s 1 Click Upsell is fully integrated in DLGuard 5!

Recurring billing simplified for 2Checkout and Alertpay (Payza)

DLGuard now supports 1Shoppingcart’s 1SC upsells, allows non-DLGuard products to be purchased in same 1SC cart.

New payment processors:

  • SWReg
  • Plimus
  • CCBill (specializing in high risk products)
  • RevenueWire/SafeCart
  • CommerseGate
  • FastSpring
  • MultiSafePay (for European vendors – includes iDeal)
  • Paypal Digital Goods. For downloadable products only – displays payments and download link in lightbox hovering over sales page. That sounds interesting, never heard of it before!

New Look and Feel for DLGuard 5. The admin Dashboard, page templates, and shopping cart have upgraded their web design. DLG 5 looks more spacious and more 2012.

DLGuard Cart (the shopping cart part of DLG) has been upgraded with lots of enhancements. Details here.

SSL Certificates – you can now (optionally) use https:// with your web site to give your customers enhanced security. This is a big one! It’s been proven again and again that higher security increases sales. Customers are still scared when buying online, and anything that adds visible security will make your sales go up!

These are just the highlights from DLGuard 5 that stand out for me. For a full list of features and V5 enhancement visit the DLGuard web site.

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